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Official Sales/Offers Thread

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    (Original post by OnlyMe!)
    H&M free delivery and £5 off: 9844 and 1304.
    can you use more than one code at once?
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    (Original post by tpxvs)
    can you use more than one code at once?
    Yup - just enter one after the other.
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    (Original post by OnlyMe!)
    Yup - just enter one after the other.
    wicked, do you know if theyre both valid tomorrow?
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    ..turns out you can only use a max. of two! Although i dont think that worked for me:/ only the £5 off one worked. pretty sure im paying for the delivery and likewise the '9800' code didnt work either. oh well, atleast iv still saved a fiver
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    20% off Burton for people who like them on Facebook. Ends tomorrow.
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    25% off everything at Dorothy Perkins online this week with the code DPVIPG!
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    20% of men's clothing at River Island with MENSAVE20
    I'm guessing there's a WOMENSAVE20 too, otherwise River Island are sexist pigs
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    (Original post by RobML)
    20% of men's clothing at River Island with MENSAVE20
    I'm guessing there's a WOMENSAVE20 too, otherwise River Island are sexist pigs
    Just tried it, and it WOMENSAVE20 didn't work. Must just be for the guys.
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    20% off Ted Baker 23rd/24th May if you use the code TEDJQ31H8 at the checkout.
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    Today is the last day of 15% off at Urban Outfitters using the code STYLEUK.
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    Free delivery with FREEDEL7 at New Look until midnight tonight
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    Half price Kurt Geiger sale online.
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    50% off sale at Urban Outfitters

    oh, and a 10% off code on top of that: UO10
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    Topman summer sale is now on, usual assortment of cheap tshirts etc
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    This has probably already been mentioned but I've just signed up for this website called myunidays - free to sign up and they've got a few good offers for some websites - student discount on asos (need nus card otherwise), 20% at boohoo etc.
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    Sale at Pull&Bear
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    This code just got me student discount on Topshop:


    It's worked for some people and others have said this works for them instead:

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    Allsaints sale is now on, pretty good discounts
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    JD sports have a 50% sale on
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    15% off New Season. Full priced items only. WKEND15



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