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Official Sales/Offers Thread

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    If there's a sale going on or an offer that can't be missed, post it in here.
    All posts of this category will be merged in here.
    I can always make a note of the offer in the first post as long as I'm told about it (I won't be trawling the thread everyday).
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    sorry if someones already posted this but Uggs have been reduced in price by 20% for 1 week only on asos!
    thought i'd let everyone know incase theres anyone whos thinking of buying some.
    short ones are now £112 instead of £140.
    long ones are now £136 instead of £170.

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    YESSSSSSSSS more dead animals. Wooooooooooo
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    Thanks for letting us know!

    I've just bought the short grey ones from Bank, might treat myself to the tall chocolate ones now
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    I never knew UGGS cost more than 100 pounds!!!!
    Well i never wanted to get a pair anyway!
    Now more of a reason not to!
    Still shocked at the price even if they are reduced!
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    ReputationRep:|Ugg&a=r esetsearch

    Even cheaper, but only left in large sizes

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    Still too pricey for moi. I have a pair of Emus which are just as good
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    Unfortunatley I'm not rich enough to pay £112 for a pair of boots. The maximum I would ever pay is £60
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    As title says.

    Thought I'd let you fashion lovers know

    FYI: I hate this "Official Sales/Offers Thread" :mad:

    Who can be bothered to go through a thread to find offers when instead you can see what offers are on in the title!!! I vote to stop wasting TSR readers time!

    Why do people always feel the need to put small threads into larger threads?!?
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    Yeeah, I just found a load of discount vouchers/codes

    20% off Selfridges -
    only applicable to certain brands here -
    til 30th November (Sunday)

    20% off in New Look until 30th November, ust print this -
    or use the online voucher code

    30% off in Faith/10% off sale items until 30th November
    Just print this or use
    XMASFRIENDS3008 to get 30% off full price items, or XMASFRIENDS1008 to get 10% off sales and promotional items.

    20% off Karen Millen,
    online use GRAZNEWS08 from Grazia,
    or there's a page in Grazia that can be used in store...
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    AGHHHH 20% off Karen Millen! I ******* wish I hadn't spent all my money sjasaskjaskdjaskdjamkl
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    20% off in House of Fraser today and tomorrow only (25% on some departments).

    Also if you have a store card with them then you get 20% off everything until the 12th of December.
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    Hope this isn't too late but today (Thursday) only Urban Outfitters are doing 20% discount with the code XMAS95
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    (Original post by minimo)
    AGHHHH 20% off Karen Millen! I ******* wish I hadn't spent all my money sjasaskjaskdjaskdjamkl
    Really? . . .:eek: :eek:

    Aww man, im skinto too
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    (Original post by DancinBallerina)
    Really? . . .:eek: :eek:

    Aww man, im skinto too
    Well, I have not spent *all* my money...just all of the 'treats' allowance I give myself. Oh well.
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    (Original post by minimo)
    Well, I have not spent *all* my money...just all of the 'treats' allowance I give myself. Oh well.
    I wish I had money to have a nosey in there . . . .

    Saw a lovely skirt a while ago, that was literally half price, but I had no pennies. So all I could do was observe from afar.
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    ASOS have free delivery this weekend plus 20% off on [some] party dresses/tops/accessories/jeans etc
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    All saints is 20% of, just bagged me like £80 of savings
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    sign up for the american apparrel newsletter and get 10% off, after a week they send you a code for 15% off. it was valid til the 30th november before but i think it's been extended
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    (Original post by 123k:))|Ugg&a=r esetsearch

    Even cheaper, but only left in large sizes


    have you ordered any from here? i'm considering, but don't know whether its a reputable site or not?!


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Updated: November 25, 2013
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