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Business Studies Unit 1 Jan 09 (Edexcel)

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    Hey is anyone doing or resitting unit 1 - Business structures, objectives and External influences this Jan..?
    The exam is on the 8th of Jan and the case study is out..
    Its about some privatisation issue..
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    yeh ...i hav read the case looks completly on privatisation...any1 got toolkit???
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    I'm looking around for the toolkit.. That would sort us out.. But haven't had any luck
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    ReputationRep: givin unit 1 much can a tool kit help us???um re sitting...this jan...last june the ikea tool kit wasnt of much help....
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    same here
    I got an E Last time...I want to get better grade this time!
    can someone tell me how to get the toolkit?
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    Haven't found one yet.. Everyone started revising then..? What questions are likely to come up..?
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    this time its lyk a privatisation its gna be pretty tough to predict...but our teacher was pretty sure that motivation questions are likely to come..and ofcourse questions about the benifit of being privatised than being a public company and all..
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    (Original post by Nes)
    this time its lyk a privatisation its gna be pretty tough to predict...but our teacher was pretty sure that motivation questions are likely to come..and ofcourse questions about the benifit of being privatised than being a public company and all..
    what other questions are likely to come..? My teacher has refused to help me
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    hey guys
    could any1 put the toolkit on...

    until its out lets discuss some questions so put em on plz....
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    can anybody send me the case study? i havent got it yet.. wat is it about..thanx loads guys..yeah, lets discuss questions..
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    i'm doing unit 1 and a b for unit 1 in june, missed A by 2 marks.. hope to build on it and do better cos i got D for unit 2..
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    its pretty twisted.. the other day our teacher was discussing this particular question...about the difference in the type of privatisation between the sweedish and the british countries.... which features mainly on the different reasons for trhem to british privatised for finance problems...and all... and there could be a question from objectives.of both the countries...and there could be questions on the effecnts on stake holders and all...
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    i would like u guys to look out the questions for the chapters which cover the motivation issues.... cuz i'll be sittin to revise those.... therefore i suggest u guys look up for it nd we can all discuss the problems.........
    by the way ny 1 sitting for unit 4 this jan....
    holler back............
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    I'm really struggling with what they could ask really, it seems too narrow compared to previous papers. Anybody got any previous questions? Would be helpful
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    What type of Motivational questions will be asked for unit1?
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    Hello Everyone, I can help with your problems in this Jan 2009 Case. I took exam for Business Studies in May 2005 and May 2006. I got an A in this subject by scoring 549 out of 600. I got full marks in unit1 (90) and unit 2 (120). At present I am teaching few private students. I have studied the case thoroughly. If you people notice this case doesnt have any Appendix so information is very short. Still using past papers I have short listed around 22 questions I will post is as soon as I am done with the editing part. wait for my further posts...
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    It is very important that you summaries the case by yourself dont take it lightly u r actually holding your question paper. Study it well and ask me whether u have any problem in any part.....will love to help. I gave my exam on Pret A Manger it helped me a lot and I got nearly 80% common question Good Luck to all.........
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    (Original post by leechomin)
    can anybody send me the case study? i havent got it yet.. wat is it about..thanx loads guys..yeah, lets discuss questions..

    I've attached the case study in this post
    Attached Files
  19. File Type: pdf Business Studies Jan 09 Case study.pdf (204.7 KB, 222 views)
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    i am looking forward to fahim's questoins...i will try and post what ever i can find.
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    for motivation...they may ask us how a company can motivate their employees after it has been privatised. we will have to keep in mind that privatisation will lead to a lot of redundancies...infact one of the reason the swedish company wasnt selling off their absolut vodka to the highest bidder was because they wanted job preservation....they employees may become demotivaded as their job security will be in question...and somewhere in the case they mentioned that after privatisation some of the some of the employees sort of found them selves in higher post, which increases their responsibility, full dedication is requred from then, hence motivation requred...and also, at that stage, these workers may find them self ineffecient and may aquire certain frustation over their job as they may find it hard to face their inability to perform their jobs. basically, the type of motivation we are talking about here, is increased pay, job enrichment , enlargement etc for those who are insecure about their jobs.. training for those who suddenly find them selves handling matters more complicated than before. ..these are just the basic stuff that came to my head wen i was thinikng about y they will need motivation...i will need to study a lil to find out wat kind coz i did i so long ago i forgot...soon...
Updated: January 8, 2009
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