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Pictures of some of the BEST and most prestigious schools in the USA

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    Yale University


    I expected nothing but a bunch of Bentleys over there, but instead the cars were quite cheap. Perhaps these are owned by the janitors and not the billionaire students.

    Central park, came out very dark so had to artificially increase brightness later on, hence the quality.

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    Balliol beats 'em.

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    (Original post by Invictus_88)
    Balliol beats 'em.


    Of course. And they're the real thing too. I mean, they're antiques and that makes them "one of a kind". Very few educated people can argue that Oxford and Cambridge, especially Cambridge, are not on a class of their own when it comes to campus/university attractiveness and exquisiteness. But, in fairness, Yale is lovely. The pictures don't exactly depict Yale's real beauty.

    I'm only posting them here for those British students who are thinking of studying in the US.
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    That's creepy.
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    Yay, pictures!

    Can you do the next ones in black and white, so I can print them off and colour them in?

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    (Original post by hobnob)
    That's creepy.
    What did you expect then?
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    The buildings are a lot cleaner than here (cam).
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    all of life's greats are created there

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    Some people **** over tits and arse -- not on TSR.
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    (Original post by jismith1989)
    Some people **** over tits and arse -- not on TSR.
    says he with the colloseum ava. and sig covered in classics :P
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    This maybe interesting to you, but i can't help feeling this is the most pointless thread every on TSR. Are we talking about the uni, the architecture, or what exactly?
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    Wow, that is really nice! Very impressive buildings...
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    (Original post by Mr. Orange)
    What did you expect then?
    Well, not buildings which (partly) look like bastardised versions of buildings in Oxford.:dontknow:
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're not pretty in their own way, but the architectural echoes are very obvious and seeing buildings which look familiar yet oddly alien is just a bit... disturbing.
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    I've never visited Yale, but to be honest, from the pictures it doesn't look very inviting..kind of gloomy and haunting. It could easily be the winter weather though.

    The buildings also look quite a bit older in architectural style compared to Harvard.
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    Bancroft Library (Doe Annex)

    Cal Memorial Stadium

    California Hall

    Doe Memorial Library

    Durant Hall
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    Evans Hall and Sather Tower

    Faculty Club Interior

    Giannini Hall

    Golden Bear and Sather Tower
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    Haas School of Business

    Hearst Greek Theatre

    Hearst Memorial Gymnasium

    Hearst Memorial Mining Building

    Hilgard Hall

    International House

    Lawrence Hall of Science

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    (Original post by jismith1989)
    Some people **** over tits and arse -- not on TSR.

    why **** over tits and arses when there are plenty of pictures of the magdalen college chapel!!!
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    Sather Tower - The Campanile

    Soda Hall

    South Hall

    Sproul Hall and Plaza, Ludwig's Fountain

    Stephens Hall

    University House

    Valley Life Sciences Building

    Wellman Hall

    Wheeler Hall

    Zellerbach Hall


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