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Year 12 students - thought about unis?

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    Medicine....medicine....medicine ..............!!!!!
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    (Original post by piece_by_piece)
    Fair enough.
    Good luck to you!
    Thanks, good luck to you as well.
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    I've already got prospectuses (I had a serious stress about unis after a relative invited me to stay with her at her uni, 'cos I'd said I'd like to go there).

    Also, I've been reading up online about the courses (because I want to do medicine and I don't think PBL would suit me/I'd suit it)
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    (Original post by steph_v)
    I'm not quite sure why you are taking all this so personally.
    Anyway, I already have severals months (years if you include stable work) of experience and it doesn't hurt to show a bit of motivation and commitment to your subject of choice.
    I'm not belittling medicine, that would be a ridiculous thing to do, I was just mentioning statistics and reinforcing why I am doing so much preparation.

    Edit: Sorry if I have caused offence, but it is my personal choice to start preparing now because I want to increase my chances of getting in as much as possible.
    No offence taken, to be honest we're just trying to save you unnecessary work in what is im sure an already busy schedule.
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    (Original post by steffi.alexa)
    Also, I've been reading up online about the courses (because I want to do medicine and I don't think PBL would suit me/I'd suit it)
    Ever tried it?
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    My best subject throughout my life is Maths, 'tis why I'm gonna do a Maths degree in Uni. Yeah, I'm in Year 12 and thinking of applying to top Unis - planning ahead is good.
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    (Original post by Tom4510)
    Ever tried it?
    No, but that sort of thing confuses me (easily done to be honest lol). I did put 'think', didn't I? 'Cos that's what I meant. Have you?
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    (Original post by steffi.alexa)
    No, but that sort of thing confuses me (easily done to be honest lol). I did put 'think', didn't I? 'Cos that's what I meant. Have you?
    I've done similar types of things (not medicine related ill admit), and i actually quite like the approach you take. That being said, I've only applied to one PBL course as id prefer a mix rather than pure PBL.
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    Nope not really starting looking yet. I know which subject, just don't know where.

    It got me a bit worried that all my school friends said they'd already ordered prospectuses and read through them already. I might have to get a move on...
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    (Original post by Tom4510)
    I've done similar types of things (not medicine related ill admit), and i actually quite like the approach you take. That being said, I've only applied to one PBL course as id prefer a mix rather than pure PBL.
    I need to pick people's brains about the different types of courses... TSR would be the perfect place, but I have a feeling that there'll be a thread on it somewhere.
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    Yes, I want to apply for Maths, and I'm thinking along the lines of Cambridge (not decided a college), Warwick, Imperial, Manchester and Durham, or something like that.
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    I want to do Medicine and I think I want to apply to BSMS, Manchester, PMS and Bristol... I change my mind all the time though! Getting some good work experience in though
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    (Original post by Mhazie)
    I've been looking idly since I got my GCSEs, more now that I've narrowed my potential interests to English Language, Psychology or possibly a foreign language. I've even cited a few unis as possible choices. (Everything's still up in the air, of course. I change my mind far too much.)

    Whenever I mention it to my friend, they look at me like I've gone mad! One of my friends knows that she wants to do Medicine, but hasn't looked at any unis beyond a quick search to discount those that use problem-based learning (that's a LOT of them:eek:).

    Am I just typically overplanning, or are there others in the same boat?
    Don't worry, some people know what they want to do and others don't; everyone will be on the same page come next year. And I have probably 'planned' more than you :p:
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    Even in my GCSE year I was browsing my choices:p: which i think was for the best and the best time to as it helped me decide my A level choices and what I'd need to study specific courses !

    Now it's more I'm concentrating on my exams and getting the results
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    I wouldn't say your overplanning, but remember to be realistic with grades and what you may be predicted.

    For me, I started looking at prospectuses in April/May and had narrowed the Universities down to 5 in August. This allowed me to plan Open Days for September and October. Although I always knew the type of course I wanted to do and what direction I wanted to go in.

    If I was to do it again, I would think about the Universities earlier and go to the Open Days in the summer, just so I could get a good idea of the Universities, and not be rushed with all the UCAS and Personal Statements going on at the same time. It would have also allowed me to take a second look if I wanted to at the Open Days in the Autumn just to make sure.

    I think the more organised you are with Universities and UCAS the better. Some of my friends didn't have any idea where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do - and this was in September!! It also means you can get your UCAS done quicker, okay.. I sent mine off on the 5th November, but I already had 4 offers in just under 2 weeks. It means you can be in a better position for being accepted on a course before all the places are filled (even though Universities shouldn't really be giving out offers until next year, as not everyone has their applications in yet!)

    Saying that, for those who are undecided at the moment, it doesn't matter as it is early days, some people just have a better idea of what they want to do.

    Good luck.
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    By this time last year I had worked out that I wanted to do English, and had decided on some sort of Oxbridge attempt after my teacher told me to. I looked at both and half heartedly decided on Cambridge...then forgot all about it until my post-AS remaining study leave, at which time I went crazy researching and decided on 4 of my 5 places. Kept wavering about Oxbridge until I visited, then decided for sure.
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    I knew what I was going to apply for in year 12 and was organising work experience etc to do so I could send my UCAS off sooner rather than later in y13. But some of my friends are still not sure about what they want to do, and most people have sent their ucas off now :p:


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