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putting pics on facebook

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    I want to put a pic on facebook and want some of my friends friends to see as I knew them but others I know from high school (daft lads) used to take the p*** out of me all the time they won't do anything stupid like post it around or edit it will they? I mean how worried are you about this? Do you have friends of friends who you had conflicts with does posting you're pics concern you?
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    Upload the pics. Click the Photos tab on your profile (when logged in). You will see the albums in a row.

    you will see this too :

    *****'s Albums _ Photo Albums | View Comments | Album Privacy

    Select 'Album Privacy' and your albums will show up with a small selection bar next to them saying 'Who Can See This'.

    Select 'Only Friends' and the only people who will be able to see them, are your friends on facebook.
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    Select your friends to only see your photos. Who cares if they send it around there just immature *****
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    Aye, :ditto: for GeorgEGNT,
    or you could as well just block these lads so they cannot see your profile.


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