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    What is your purpose? You bring nothing in the way of discussion of blues just bitching about other clubs.
    I bet your one of those fans that spend 90 minutes slagging off every blues player.
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    And yeah, Dugarry was basically heaven. His back heel at Charlton and finish against Boro being the other two highlights :cool:
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    Utterly ****.
    Is Ramage our worst full back since Ferdinand Coly? Need to really improve if we want to be finishing 6th. Too many points lost in the last 4 home games.
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    Dire in the first half.

    King missing a penalty At least we didn't lose.

    Still think we'll nab a play-off spot though. Smurph's back again
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    King slipped in his run up so was always going to hit it badly, unfortunately the keeper guessed the right way.
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    Yeah, King missin a pen was horrible but can't blame him, he's scored the rest. Oh well a valuable point against a good side, with our makeshift defence, is a good result. Hopefully we'll give Donny a good beating.
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    Anyone heard anything about Steven Carr? Came back against chelsea, lasted ten minutes and now nothing?

    Seems to have been out an awfully long time. Last year he was playing through injury, this year he cant be arsed.
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    Dont think it's a case of not being arsed mate Besides, I'd rather have a fully fit Spector at right back than Carr playing with injections.. Not that Spector's gonna be fit for like another month..

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    Hope one of you went tonight, the Blues fans were brill!

    Murphy makes such a difference to the team <3
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    I didn't go

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    Wasn't very well yesterday but was cheered up no end by our win Makes such a difference to have a senior player such as Murphy back, Fahey should be back by Tues so we'll have both of our seniors to boost our performance
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    Indeed hopefully Sepctor can hurry up and get back now too and we'll be laughing. Big win at Burnley and we'll almost be there!
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    Smurph having another blinder tonight. Brilliant!
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    Could be 3rd come Monday evening.

    Home win on Saturday please Blues.
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    unlucky Petrov lol
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    You are such a cock.
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    Any Blues slagging Petrov are low life and I hate Vile and have had plenty of run ins with em.

    Good luck to the boy in his battle.
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    Blues = Unstoppable
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    3 great goals.


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Updated: January 5, 2016
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