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I need to find a play to perform for my A2 drama piece.

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    I need to find a decent 5-8 character play with at least 3 female characters. So far our group have looked at Pillowman, Roberto Zucco, Mountain Language and Boy gets Girl but we don't really feel strongly about any of them...
    Its hard because we don't want a play with a really realistic set or needing lots of props as our college isn't the best for preparing decent looking sets. need something really simple, possibly a dark comedy which has to be 25minutes long or more.

    Anyone got any ideas??
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    Do you need a set script or can you change it? Is it a stimulus or definate copy? Quote me
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    Im doing The Pillowman this year, and it is evry flexible for cutting and preparing staging, I do recommend it. What about Franz Kafka's The Trial (Adapted by Steven Berkoff)? The script is great as you can do it on a budget or highly embellish your piece. Its a play of ten or less people, if you are cutting you could surely use four or five. The great thing about it is that you have no props apart from a metal (or possibly wooden) door frame each to create set and use as props. Size wise we are talking about 6ft 5" or a bit taller, retangular shape, with little stands the bottom to leave them placed. The piece can be very hard, as its very physical but with plenty of practice and coordination with the frames you can do it! The results are well worth while.

    P.S. I was Huld and Mrs Grubach if you take a look at the script, and I got a high B, nearly an A for it.
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    We did Skriker for ours. It would be possible with 5 people but it might be difficult. There are only really 3 characters, the two female, human characters and an evil, shape-shifting fairy called the Skriker. Two of us played the skriker in her various forms.

    The thing about the play is that it is so easy to do what you want. I still don't fully understand the story. After we did it everyone was saying 'Wow - that was so intense - I loved it - what was it about?' Its a really odd story (not even sure it can be called a story). I'm sure there are ways to do it.
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    Why not do a Brecht play? Set can be as minimal as you like.

    Or absurdist. Minimal set again. I'll come back if I think of any specific plays!


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