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Sunderland for pharmacy??

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    Has nobody else applied there? I seem to be the only person on TSR, wait, only person on this PLANET who has applied there...
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    I'v applied there too! offer was 300points, same.
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    Thats gd well that's two people then lol
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    I have, got an offer but i won't be going there, shame as i hear Sunderland is a lovely place
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    Lol seems as if absolutely no-one wants to go there :O
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    I've applied there too; sent my app on 4th December but haven't heard back yet? Have you guys got offers then? Yea it sees not many want to go there coz they hear bad things about the university but the pharmacy school is one of its strong points.
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    Well everyone seems to be getting 300 points offers (by everyone i mean myself and one other person lol) i assume that they probs give everyone who applies there an offer.
    I think their pharmacy school is the uni's best point, however its not exactly the best.
    it's funny reading the prospectus as on literally every 10 pages they have a quote from a current pharmacy student. If that doesn't promote it then i don't know what does!!!
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    Hey i am doing pharmacy at sunderland too! It has a good reputation for it and its on my doorstep so it will be much cheaper than moving away

    My offer was 300 points too, i also got interviews from manchester and bath but didnt go to them.
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    Is sunderland actually a good place to live? As if i am going to make it my back-up then i'd like to live somewhere good haha. Also, how are the lecturers?
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    To be honest sunderland is like any other city in this country, it has good points and bad points. I dont actually live there, i live about 20mins away so i would get the metro to uni. It has recently been developed so its quite modern and has lots of good features, the new aquatic centre, big cinema complex, shops and good nightlife. Also there is great metro links to newcastle so if you get bored its like a 20 minute metro ride away.

    I recently spoke to a pharmacist who has just graduated from sunderland and he enjoyed it and said the lecturers were really good. One lecturer worked with this top researcher who pioneered the first cancer treatments and another is a well respected within respiratory research.

    I hope this has helped, if you have any other questions then feel free to ask
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    That's great thanks, you deserve some rep!
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    Got an offer yesterday yay! But I'll probably go to brighton instead as they gave me an unconditional offer. The Sunderland offer is on condition that i pay one third of my tuition fees??? Bit weird...did anyone else have this as their condition.
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    nope I just got have to get 300 points


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