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Glasgow Accomodation

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    (Original post by katarinka)
    hey ! anyone staying at the apartments ?

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    I am

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    Is there a shuttle bus service from the Queen Margaret Residencies to the Uni campus and Dental School? What are roughly the timings?

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    If you're in Firhill, there's a Facebook group for everyone.

    Also, beware that some of the Facebook accommodation groups are run by a company not linked to the uni in any way and use the groups just to promote their events, none of which are covered by the Freshers' Pass. They also seem to use fake student profiles and delete comments they don't like.
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    I was wondering if anyone has lived in Victoria Halls. Does someone know how far it is from uni? Single en-suite rooms there are way cheaper than Queen Margaret...

    I'm not really the type of person who likes to party, and I need silence. I don't think I could do shared rooms or bathrooms, just because I get very particular about the specific order of various personal items :/
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    Just applied for Merano large flats, was over visiting some friends there last week and they advised me to sacrifice personal comfort for meeting plenty of new people in a relaxed atmosphere haha. From Northern Ireland!
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    Does anyone know anything about the conditions of living in student accommodation? Are they strict? I have lived in student accommodation before where they were very limiting. We weren't allowed have friends over and they did weekly room checks. Don't think I could do that again. Also, would most people in student accomodation be young/ school leavers?
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    Just firmed my offer to study law at Glasgow starting in Sept 2015 and I'm having the seemingly routine minor breakdown over picking accommodation I'm not exactly crazy wild party chick but I enjoy going out and having a drink with friends.

    I was looking at QM as my first choice and then debating between Cairncross and the Student Apts, anyone got any information that could help me argue these two out?

    -R x


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