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Leicester Uni vs Nottingham/Manchester

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    Applying for English Literature and French and I have offers from Leicester, Manchester and Nottingham.

    Nottingham and Manchester are both asking for AAB. Whereas Leicester is asking for BBB.

    Which would you choose?

    Although Leicester is ranked highest out of the three, it's asking for the lowest grades. But Nottingham and Manchester are both Russell Group Universities, but are ranked lower than Leicester according to the Times Uni Guide.

    :confused: Which to pick as my firm???
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    How about you visit the Universities and decide which you like the most and go there. It's that simple.
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    NOTTINGHAM!! it has an ace campus
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    Manc ftw. Though Notts has a good campus, if hilly.
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    Leicester, obviously
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    I would go for Manchester, it has great nightlife, very rapidly developing uni, has a great modern and traditional feel about it.
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    Manchester is a great city, I wish I'd applied there. My best friend is studying medicine there and is absolutely loving it, and when I went to stay with her everything seemed pretty great!

    I've got an offer from Leicester for English and History of Art...I visited it a while ago and it seemed like a really nice uni, plus it has a great write up for English...I don't know much more than that right now though, I'm going to go to an English applicants open day thing, that should be pretty helpful

    As for Nottingham don't really know it at all but it seems to have a fairly good rep!
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    Nottingham is considered the best, or i guess more 'prestigious' of the three, then Manchester and Leicester last. Rankings are a load of rubbish nowadays cos if you look at them only a couple of years ago Leicester wasn't even in the top 20, I would judge uni's reputations on them.
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    You're just gonna get biased answers on here, go and visit them, look into the courses and see which you prefer that way.
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    Manchester - for the uni/city experience
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    notts..for the campus/student experience
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    (Original post by Pigeonlove99)
    .But Nottingham and Manchester are both Russell Group Universities, but are ranked lower than Leicester according to the Times Uni Guide.
    Why does that matter? For the millionth time, the Russell Group isn't a collection of "best" universities. It's just a collection of large, research intensive unis (as opposed to smaller, research intensive unis of the 1994 Group eg. Leicester). That's no real indication of quality (especially not for an undergrad). Some of our very "best" universities are in the 1994 Group (and not in the RG). It's about size, that's all.

    Think about location as they are rather different. Campus based universities v. large city university. Do you prefer the course content and modules of one over the other? Do they specialise in areas you want to specialise in or, if you have no idea what you want to specialise in, offer a good, varied range of modules?


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