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Cheap and Good Haircuts in London

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    Heyz, does anyone know where to get good yet cheap haircuts in London. I'm looking for one below 8 pounds if possible
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    Heyz, wherebouts in London?
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    You're coming from the U S and A to have a haircut? wagwan
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    just look at your average one in the suburbs run by immigrants. Usually good and in the £5-10 range.
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    The Vidal Sassoon student school in Knightsbridge is brilliant, and with a student card it is under a fiver. The majority of their styling is reasonably radical, which I have always understood to be a good thing!
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    go to a fashion/beauty college thing you can get it done for freeeee

    not: dont be cheap, never skimp on a good haircut
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    (Original post by Anonymous_2)
    You're coming from the U S and A to have a haircut? wagwan
    That's the Malaysian flag btw :rolleyes:
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    How can you get a "good" haircut for less than a tenner. That's ridiculous. If you're going to be so tight then you can hardly expect quality.
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    Do it yourself
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    umm well i've had my hair done at the vidal sassoon academy, its pretty good, but as a trainee centre, you're taking a risk!
    my latest haircut (in my profile pic, although you cant really see it that well there) was done at Toni and Guy's....pretty good, but its welll expensive...so i'm probably going to go for VS next time I get my hair cut..=)
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    Have a look there, none of them are under £10 but if you want a good haircut then you're gonna have to pay for it. Check out ESHK, they're reasonably priced and do wicked cuts.
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    Toni and Guy Academy, London

    71-75 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1DG

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    Go to Vidal Sasson as a demo model for FREE! they'll cut it and dye it proper groovy like but dont go there if you want something normal and boring.
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    never tried the Toni and Guy Academy but I think i'll check it out!
    The hair in my avatar thing was done at a Toni and Guy Salon...the one thats my display pic was from vidal sassoon....although tbh I did ask for slightly different styles both times =) only real difference is that VS is free!
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    I went to Vidal Sassoon training school and they gave me a pretty good hair cut for a fiver with a student ID. It's just behind Bond Street station. Be warned, you'll have to book an appointment near to a week in advance though. Cheap and good.
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    There is this place in Mile End; Chinese Shop.... Most haircuts are 15 to 20 quid..
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    There is this Place in Mile End; Chinese Shop.... Most haircuts are 15 to 20 quid..
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    Cheap and Good and London - no.
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    Try East Ham (E6). A lot of good & cheap haircuts around this area. Great for shopping too.
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    Vidal saloon is one of the best one as i had got cuted my hairs it was really very good one.


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Updated: March 26, 2016
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