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What fashion and beauty items did you get for Christmas?

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    Happy Christmas everybody!!

    As the title says, what make-up/clothes/fragrance/products/jewellery/underwear/accessories etc did you receive for christmas?

    All but one of my presents is something to do with f&b! woop.

    Hope you're all having a lovely day and can't wait to see some gorgeous items :p:
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    I got a nail manicure kit, that actually looks good surprisingly.
    some bath stuff
    a gorgeous vanilla lip balm
    ooh, some really nice leather gloves =]

    quite a few actually. =]
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    Hugo Boss (which I already had ^^), and a fantastic pair o' socks with me name on. Smashin.
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    OPI nail polish set.
    Loads of assorted Barry M stuff.
    Philosophy Gingerbread Man and Cocktail sets.
    Lots of wintery stuff - new coat, scarf, gloves.
    Black XS perfume.
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    Paul Smith Extreme Fragrence (I think the hint dropping worked) and some manly bathroom kits (Gilette, Lynx etc), some PJs with the Flintstones on and three sets of colourful underwear.
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    Limited edition black ghds
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    (Original post by fabulous_darling)
    Limited edition black ghds
    Awesome xmas gift
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    Baby blue cable knit from Crew Clothing, a purple top from Fat Face
    Loads of makeup and shower crap
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    Batman t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins
    Loads of really funky socks
    Some silky pants from Accessorize.
    GOSH Extreme Art eyeliner in Deep Sea
    GOSH Show Me Volume masscara
    GOSH Effects Powder in Copper
    Lush Angel On Bare Skin cleanser.

    Thanks, Father Christmas!
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    Wooooo i love reading this, everybody has really cool stuff F&B presents are clearly some of the best :p:
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    some nice bath smellies from boots, a couple of new tops from new look and next, socks, PJ's - the usual stocking fillers
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    I got a fair bit

    Limited edition purple GHDs <3<3
    Nice silver bracelet
    Bath stuff
    Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt
    Pretty Underwear
    Manicure Kit

    Thats about it...im soso chuffed tho
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    i got an epilator, some waving tongs and 2 tops from republic
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    Some random lip glosses
    A jewellery box
    An incredibly snuggly dressing gown
    A strange embroidered purple jacket
    A long purple beady necklace
    Lots of socks
    A patchwork bag which I love
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    Armani Code
    PJ's with monsters on
    Check shirt
    Dressing gown
    Some Toni & Guy/Label M hair stuff
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    marc jacobs watch which ive had for a while but was for christmas
    chloe perfume
    all saints coat
    Mac fake eyelashes and bronzer
    Dior foundation
    Benefit tinted moisturisor and eyeliner
    smashbox photo finish primer
    mimi holliday underwear
    hoody and joggers from jack wills
    a few bits of jewellary from topshop
    princesse tam tam pjs
    ralph lauren shirt
    some american apparall stuff
    dress from urban outfitters
    stripy abercrombie cardigan
    armani exchange jeans

    really pleased with everything
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    Some knitted socks
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    Knee-high boots (though I actually got these back in October )
    A 2-in-1 waterproof/fleece jacket by Trespass
    Money, which I've used on a funky haircut and to buy these
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    A scarf (which im wearing now even though am inside)
    Some gorgeous pyjamas from my stepmum, i love the clothes she buys for me =)
    River Island vouchers
    spotty socks

    I didn't get much for xmas, but my dad gave me lots of money that i can spend on my shopping trip on the 28th =) this makes me happy!


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