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Essay writing competition

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    Hey all!
    So, here's the task:

    Evaluate the significance of Abraham

    1st prize £1000

    2nd prize £500

    3rd prize £250

    4th prize £100

    5th & 6th prize £50

    This essay competition is offered by Heythrop College, the specialist Philosophy and Theology College of the University of London. The competition is open to all those studying for any AS and A2 level examinations (or the equivalent i.e. IB) and who are not aged over 19 on 31st March 2009.

    The essay should be approximately 1500 words (any essays over 1600 words will not be assessed) including footnotes but not including references. All sources must be referenced. The essays must be submitted by Tuesday 31st March 2009 and all entries will be acknowledged. Entries must be typed on A4 paper on one side of the paper only and must be accompanied by the essay entry form. The form must be signed by the candidate and also by a teacher from the candidate's school.

    The essays will be judged by a panel of Heythrop staff and tutors chaired by Dr. Peter Vardy, vice-principal of Heythrop College. Winners will be notified of the result by 15th June 2009.

    Entries should be sent to:

    Judith Crimmins, Heythrop College, University of London, Kensington Square, London W8 5HQ.


    Get writing! :yep:
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    I would love to do it, but I don't know much about Abraham
    Can I give it my own title?
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    Nope, the title is the bolded underlined bit :yep:
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    Abraham - thats a hard one!!
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    I was tempted to do this but I've got no idea where to start! A challenge for next term, maybe.
    There's another one offered by Corpus Christi, Cambridge (http://www.corpus.cam.ac.uk/about-co...tion-2008-2009) which is more philosophical than theological, and there are a few titles to choose from. The prize isn't as large, however (but still I wouldn't mind £200 for a few hours' work!!).

    I really suggest doing one of these- I did the SPC, Oxford one last year and *nerd* actually really enjoyed doing all the research and writing about something outside AS. Plus it was nice to get 250 squids for some new boots hah.
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    I'd love to do this, but I'm a Uni Student.

    Free hint, you might like to look at D.J.A. Clines, The Theme of the Pentateuch (Sheffield, JSOTS, 1997) - he argues that the divine promise made to Abra(ha)m in Genesis 12:1-4 is the unifying theme of the Pentateuch and in fact continues throughout the rest of the Bible.
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    Has anyone who has done the heythrop essay prizes here got in the top 5? I've sent mine for this year's psychology prize away, but i really want to see the sort of quality that gets sent
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    but I just got the confirmation email saying they got my essay. Eek, I highly doubt i'll get anything - what was the general jist of yours?
    Good luck (i did the psych one for 2010 too)
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    Same! Erm, from what i can remember it was about trying to bring all the approaches together, and i talked about why it might be impossible/possible... yepp imm pretty sure i won't even get the £50 prize
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    Yeah that was kind of my argument, pluralism and eclecticism etc, Mine was a little biased though because I pretty much slated the option of having one framework. Good luck!
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    Has anybody recieved the results yet? Its supposed to be out today......
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    Its come out now, did u get in?
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    which, me or fruity baby?
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    I feel a bit embarrassed to say,
    but if you look at my name on my 'signature' thing (that's what people call it lawl) you will get the idea.
    I hope everyone else had some luck x
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    Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh charlotte!! If only i knew it was you -_-, you owe me £500 quid. im the only boy on the list, with a messed up name.
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    im not actually annoyed lol
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    oh and well done!!! what did you write about in yours?
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    pluralism and eclecticism etc...
    wait, are you serious?
    You were actually the person that came second!
    i wonder how many entered
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    I dunno if you are joking or not... that would be cool though....
    for all you know i could be lying...
    im not though lawl :s


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