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Colouring Bleached Hair?

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    I have a section of my hair bleach blonde. (My Natural hair colour is medium/dark brunette) Since I broke up with my ex last summer, I've had a section, on the right side of my head, under a top layer of brown, different colours. It was blonde (the time I got it done professionally). Then I've had it red, purple and blonde again... I recently did it myself and bleached it blonde, but its too bright and I don't really like it and would like to dye it again...

    I'd love to go a vibrant red, pink or purple, but if I dye over the bleach, will it go a horrible colour?

    I just want some advice really; is it possible to dye bleached hair? Are there any negative effects?

    Thanks in advance
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    In my experience, I had bleached blonde hair, and used schwarzkopf live luminance purple over it, and it stayed a great vibrant purple for 10 weeks, until I got bored. I then did the same brand (but not a luminance) in a red colour, and it faded within a week to ginger.

    It won't go a horrible colour, but it just might require a lot of redying.
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    Not at all, quite the reverse. To get a vibrant colour it needs to be bleached platinum first.

    I personally recommend 'special effects' dyes if you can get hold of them - virgin rose is a wonderful colour and sounds like it might be exactly what you're after. They're veggie dyes, so they will help condition your hair, and won't damage it further.
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    no it definatley doesn't go a horrible colour
    i had my hair white blonde (profile picture)

    ad now it's this colour

    it does need re-dying every 2 weeks though...but i guess a bit in your fringe will fade less noticeably than my whole head...
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    bright blue ftw

    my best friends girlfriend, dies her hair literally 4 times a week, mostly bleaching and hers doesnt seem to have been affected by it, soo i wouldnt worry all that much, especially if your use natural stuff.
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    Thankyou for all your help guys!
    I totally get it now, I guess bleach blonde is like a blank canvas!
    I'd just heard horror stories of it turning green?!
    Thanks! I'm gonna browse for really vibrant colours!


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