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Student Couples who live together

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    Hey guyssssss

    Are there any couples who are living together while at university?

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years, we are both in our second year of degrees, and we are just desperate to be out of the parents house lol.

    My cousin has a flat with her boyfriend, and they both work full time, her boyfriend is on a very good wage and she says that even working full time, its very hard to get by.

    Me and my boyfriend earn around £500 a month each, working from home.

    I've never heard of any student couples living in a flat together. I guess they are already at a disadvantage, as the rent could be split between say 5 people usually, but in our case we couldn't do that.

    Its hard when studying full time, we so want our own place!
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    Well since you'd only get a 1 bedroom (maybe two) house, the rent would be no more expensive each, surely - in a 5 bedroom house, 5 people pay 5 lots of rent, in a 2 bedroom house, 2 people pay 2 lots of rent.

    And you'd have your student loans/grants on top of your monthly earnings from work, to help you pay the bills and rent and stuff.

    My friend moved in with her student boyfriend last August, and they're doing really well. I think whether you cope ok depends on how solid you are as a couple
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    My friends (a couple and two other guys) have a house.
    The couple share the biggest room, and pay 1/3 of the rent, and 1/4 of the bills each.
    Which seemed fair to me =)
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    My friend and her boyfriend moved in together in August, and they seem to be doing well. They'd already been together for three years so knew each other really well. Financially it's not easy, but I don't think it's because there's just the two of them, more to do with the fact that they're both poor students.
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    I live with my boyfriend. We live in a 6 bedroom place and have 2 rooms between us, both with double beds, which gives us plenty of space. There's 2 couples in our house and we have the biggest 2 and the smallest and the least nice rooms, then the other 2 people have the middle sized rooms. It works out even enough to each pay equal rent.

    Next year we're moving into a 1 bedroom flat. It's not much more expensive than the shared house but we won't have the spare room which is useful for having people to stay and using as a study.

    I think it would probably be fairly easy for you to find an affordable flat/bedsit if that's what you wanted to do. Obviously it's more than living at home, but if you're only after a 1 bed place then it's not going to be significantly more than a room each in a shared house... at least from what i've seen while searching.
    Obviously i'm in a different area of the country, but the 1 & 2 bed places seemed to be between £55 and £75 each a week.
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    I lived with my boyfriend all throughout university, although he wasn't a student, he was working full time, and I was also bringing in a lot more than £500 a month, plus student loans and grants and we did struggle as well. But it all depends where exactly you want to live. I never wanted to live in a :santa2::santa2::santa2::santa2::santa2::santa2: student flat or anything, so had to make a sacrifice. I'd say you can do it if you find an affordable place.
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    I know couples who live together but they all live in larger houses with other people as well. Means you have your own space to do uni work etc, and other people arond to socialise with.
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    I'll be living in a double studio next year with my boyfriend. It's extremely cheap compared to both of our current rent, as it's halved - and it's cheaper to feed 2 than 1.
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    I'll hopefully be living with my boyfriend during my second year, if not then I'll be living by myself. If I knew I would have a stable part time job in my Uni city I'd be getting my own flat for my first year, but it's just a bit risky. But I've researched a lot of properties and found that a one bedroom flat/studio apartment could be really quite cheap for a couple (halved rent and bills etc). I've also found plenty of properties aimed at student couples, one of the cheapest being £55 per week per person, is fully furnished and the price includes all bills and internet. So, it's certainly do-able if you find the right place.
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    Me and my boyfriend of two years are starting to look for a 2 bedroom flat/ studio/ house. We're not sure which would be best though or where to look. We're both first year students at the moment living in different student flats. He's practically always here anyway and we cook together etc, I'm looking forward to it, it's quite an annoying set up at the moment. Def need a 2 bed though so we have plenty of space and the 2nd bedroom can be a study.
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    Two of my coursemates live in houses with their boyfriends - it's just the two of them in each, both are a fairly decent size. But that's a different situation because both of these boyfriends are a bit older and have decent jobs.

    Typically, the rent per person for a 2 person house will be more expensive, because you still need a bathroom, a kitchen and a lounge but the cost is spread between the two of you instead of 3 or more people. But the rent will still be reasonable.
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    My two friends are engaged and they live together. But they have other housemates too, I think 3 others in their shared house.
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    Well, I'm planning on getting a flat with my boyfriend next year. We live together at the moment but have to share a house with a load of messy, inconsiderate idiots. It won't really work out much more expensive because although there are less people to split the bills with, the place will be a lot smaller.
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    I've been living with my boyfriend for 2 years. I'm in 3rd year now, he works full time. It's not that much more expensive to live, especially if you find a place that includes the utilities (ours includes water rates), it's a proffessional let and it's saved us a ton of money from the student flat we were in last year. If you hunt around, you will find something but then it depends where you live. We are in Cardiff... so it's dirt cheap to rent here lol
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    (Original post by Sikthchick)
    I've been living with my boyfriend for 2 years. I'm in 3rd year now, he works full time. It's not that much more expensive to live, especially if you find a place that includes the utilities (ours includes water rates), it's a proffessional let and it's saved us a ton of money from the student flat we were in last year. If you hunt around, you will find something but then it depends where you live. We are in Cardiff... so it's dirt cheap to rent here lol
    Hi my boyfriend and I will both be second year students next year, I was just wondering whether we'd be able to get a professional let or not? I've heard professional lets are much nicer, we don't want to live in a flat that's mouldy and falling to bits just because we're students
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    I live in a shared house with my boyfriend and 3 of our friends. Its working out well so far. We each have our own double bedroom so we have our own workspace and everything. As we're in London we probably won't be able to afford to live with just the two of us next year. Depends on whether he gets into the RAF as to what we do accomodation wise.
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    I live with my bf, ive been with him for a bit over 2 years, and we share a room. Its going really well, and makes things such as food bills cheaper. (also much cheaper rent) sharing a twin room.
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    I have seen lots of couples living together in a uni hall and to me it sounds like a good way of saving time and money.
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    We're looking at appartments at the moment - if you're going to share a room with your boyfriend in uni accommodation it works out cheaper but moving into a 1 or 2 bedroomed appartment with him makes it quite a bit more expensive I'm afraid than sharing with 3/4 other people I didn't think the cost would be that muchn more since you're still spliting it but it is quite a bit more unfortunatly after doing the research. Still going to do it though.
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    I'm also hoping to live with my boyfriend next year (our 2nd year), but I'm pretty sure none of my friends would want to live with a couple (they don't know him well), and also...are landlords/tenants really wierd about living with a couple?

    I can't seem to find anything...where did people start looking?

    Hope someone can advise xD

    PS. We're in London >_>;


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