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Difference between 'sodomy' and 'buggery'?

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    What's the difference between the two? I thought they were broadly similar in meaning.
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    The difference is a pain in the arse to explain.

    /awful pun
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    buggery sounds funny :giggle:
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    Buggery is simply anal in terms of an illegal act, whereas sodomy is any sexual act other than normal missionary in wedlock i think.
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    They're spelt differently.
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    What's buggery? Isn't that the act of telling someone to bugger off? You're 'buggering'?
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    (Original post by ScReaMiNg_rAvEr_x)
    What's buggery? Isn't that the act of telling someone to bugger off? You're 'buggering'?
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    They're the same I should imagine. Both were once more general terms: covering, say, sex with animals (a lot of other languages still use this meaning for their equivalent of sodomy)
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    This made me smile.
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    Sodomy isn't actually defined as a specific act in the Holy Libel
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    Sodomy is named after a city, buggery probably isn't.


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Updated: February 4, 2009
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