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Staying in school uniform at home

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    My mother has just had a right go at me and has told me that she thinks I'm 'strange' and not like other girls my age.

    When I get home from 6th form during the week I never bother getting changed from my uniform (shirt, tie, blazer, skirt) - I never even bother taking my tie off or undoing the top button because I'm quite comfy and usually it doesnt even occur to me to do so. Even if I go to the supermarket with her or something I just go as I am - at 11 o'clock at night watching TV - I'm still in uniform.

    Mum thinks this is really weird and keeps saying "Why don't you get changed" I think it embarasses her walking round with her 17yr old daughter in uniform.

    Am I weird? What does everyone else do? :confused:
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    I strip my suit off, as soon as I get home usually.
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    I didn't usually bother to get changed. Took the blazer off, obvoiusly, but didn't really see the point of changing.
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    I used to sit in mine too unless i was going out, but then my uniform was a jumper, polo shirt, black trousers and trainers.
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    i usually take off my blazer and stick on a massive hoodiee over my uniform.....but if im home like at lunch or something then i usually strip it all off and stcik on a massive hoodie
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    I'm 17 but I'm at a sixth form that doesn't have a uniform. But otherwise, I'd probably be wearing it all evening just cos it wouldn't occur to me to change when I'm just in the house (unless I was uncomfortable of course).

    Although maybe if I was going out, I think I'd have to get changed.

    Go home and put your pyjarmas on, see if she likes that any better haha.

    But in all seriousness, you're 17, you're perfectly entitled to wear what you like, even if it is a school uniform.

    Btw is it some strict sixth form to have you wearing a uniform still. Or is it more like a suit? (just curious cos I think it's rather mean!)
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    At least take the tie off?! Surely you'll be more comfortable without it?
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    i didnt bother.. and i didnt think anyone else did..?
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    I used to sit around in mine quite alot of the time, just because getting changed didn't seem important.
    I don't understand the big deal really?
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    It's down to personal preference really, she should be grateful you're not wearin a new outfit everyday, this way she has less laundry. I never really used to be bothered changing out of my uniform, unless I was maybe going round a mates house or something. But then again my high school only made us wear uniform until yr11 and I'd usually have a bath in the early evening and spend the night mooching in my jammies. so no, you're not weird, whatever floats ya boat init.
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    I never used to change when I went to school.
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    I usually just swap my school trousers for jeans or something, though i also am too lazy to remove my tie lol.
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    We don't have a uniform - however I don't even like sitting around in my jeans. So as soon as I get home I'm out of whatever I'm wearing and into pyjamas.
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    I always take my uniform off as I'm off doing stuff most nights... and when I won't be going out I get into my pjs and dressing gown for comfort.

    My friend always keeps hers on, though. (But she does take off her blazer and unbutton her shirt)
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    I never get changed and my mum goes on at me about it as well. Don't worry it's fine.
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    I always used to change. School uniforms look well stupid on anyone 15+, and i really hated people seeing me in uniform when i didn't have to be. Thank god by the time i got into Year 11, the uniform rules were never enforced, and i didn't really have to wear tie/blazer. Tbh, when i see sixth formers walking around in a uniform, i wonder why they not embarassed to look like that in public. :p:
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    lol at having to wear uniform ^^
    but yeah i never used to get changed in secondary school, whats the point?
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    My mum does the same - don't know why it annoys her so much! :confused: I always take my tie off, though, it's uncomfortable.
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    My uniform sounds pretty similar to yours, and I never changed, I always stayed in my uniform - although I might have taken off my tie and undone a top button.
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    (Original post by The Stig)
    We don't have a uniform - however I don't even like sitting around in my jeans. So as soon as I get home I'm out of whatever I'm wearing and into pyjamas.
    That's exactly what i do. I wear jeans all day, then basically as soon as i walk into the door, i get changed into my PJ's. :o:


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