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Boyfriend's Ultimatum.

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    I Have A Man And We've Been Going Out For 2 Years And A Bit. Even Though I'm Young, I'm Not Stupid Or Naive And I Know This Isn't The Kind Of Relationship I Can Stumble Across Anytime Soon. He Is So Lovely, Beautiful, Intelligent And Such A Funny Guy. He Is Very Respectful, There's Only One Problem - Sex. He Had Been Sexually Active Before We Started Going Out But When We Got Together He Stopped. He Understands That I Don't Want To Rush As I Am A Christian. I Know Its Love, That's Undeniable But He's Been Saying It's Been 2 Years And He's Been Patient. So He Gave Me Time To Make A Decision, We Do It Or We Break Up, Since He Doesn't Want To But He Claims He Is Getting Impatient. I Love Him So Much But Should Sacrifice My Values And Morals For Him?
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    Firstly, why have you written every word with a capital letter? And secondly, would you regret having slept with him if you broke up? If so, don't do it... Chances are you won't be together forever...
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    You could, but you'll regret it when the relationship goes tits up. And it will.
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    Its not fair to put you in that sort of position, and i dont think he's do that to you if he loved you properly. Also, how long did it take typing all that with capitals?
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    guys will come and go....stick to your values
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    You won't be together forever so if you hate the idea of having sex and then breaking up, don't refute your morals.
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    No. There's nothing to say it's going to last and wouldn't you regret it like above has said?
    Stick to your morals and your gut feeling. And why would you want to lose it to someone who gives you an ultimatum?!
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    Don't do it, and turn off caps lock.
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    If he knew of your beliefs before you started going out then he should have understood and respected them. Whilst I think its unreasonable to wait that long, he would have known what he was getting himself into.
    If that's what you believe, he shouldn't be threatening you to abandon those beliefs, and you'll probably regret sleeping with him.
    I'd find someone else who has similar beliefs personally.
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    No he should respect your morals. You can if you want to, but you will probably regret it afterwards if you feel so strongly about it.
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    i think its if you try to post it all in capitals it changes it down automatically to capital letters only at the start of each word...
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    it's not worth it

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    The fact that you tried to write that entire post in capitals makes me unwilling to help you.
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    You might as well find someone that shares your beliefs.

    It's a long time to wait for him, and I wouldn't wait that long for someone. Then again, I wouldn't get myself in the relationship in the first place if I knew from the outset that this was the position it was in.
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    The Capital Letters...Its My Thing...Yep..I'm A Weirdo!
    Thanks Everyone For The Advice.
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    God doesn't exist, have sex it feels good
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    I don't really agree with those morals, so it's difficult to pass an opinion that isn't biased. I believe strongly that sex is something that you should share with the person you love, and that kind of intimacy should be shared with them. So therefore I don't believe in holding it out. I'm also not a Christian nor do I believe in the values of saving sex til marriage.. totally unreasonable in my opinion, although I do believe that sex should only be with someone who you truly love. But then again, it's not me in this situation. My biased, non-christian self says that you should have begin to have sex with him seeing as it has been so long. But I know you have your morals- so in that case, I guess that, even though it's unreasonable to your boyfriend, maybe you should stick your grounds. He either be OK with it or lump it and find someone else who will be happy to share that intimacy with him. I guess he did know what he was getting into when he first dated you...but then again, I guess he didn't think about the long-term.
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    You need to stand up for what you believe in otherwise your morals and values will mean nothing to him.Ever.

    So, if you value no sex before marriage and he is forcing you into it you have two options;get married and be with him or dump him for being an arse.
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    Did I Mention That I'm Almost 16, Am I Being Selfish About This?
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    (Original post by ThisLittlePiggy)
    You need to stand up for what you believe in
    Make An Exception In Typing Like This.


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