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Citi 1st round interview S&T

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    Just got invited to this. Searched previous posts but wanted to ask if anyone has experienced a 1st round interview at citi for the sales and trading summer internship? For some reason I cannot access information about the interview online (have emailed them about the problem) so actually have no idea what the day consists there a numerical test? any other activities? Or is there a seperate AC at a later stage?

    Would appreciate if anyone could clear this up. Thanks.
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    hey manning,

    Internship is one day of Assesments so 3 interviews I think and possible tests and case study. It is on the website btw follow the link.

    when did you do the tests? I applied a 2 days ago and got the test the day after. I've completed the test but am wondering how long they usually take to reply?

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    I did the tests over a month ago and I still haven't heard anything... I'm 100% certain I passed, so you might have a lil wait.

    But probably a lot less than me as their application deadline is coming up or might have already closed, so I imagine they will be reviewing our applications as I right this.
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    (Original post by nickjm1063)
    Had my first round and AC at beginning of December. None of the candidates could access that info.
    was this for a summer internship?
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    guess that means my chances of getting through this late are a nice round 0.

    Ohh well easy application none the less.
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    (Original post by nickjm1063)
    Did you get the offer? I think I was at the same AC as you! Actually, mine was in the afternoon whereas I think yours was in the morning. We were at the same first round though.
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    (Original post by nickjm1063)
    Had my first round and AC at beginning of December. None of the candidates could access that info.
    hey thanks for reply. am i correct in saying that the first round interview and AC are done together on the same day? also, could you let me know if you took another numerical test at the AC?
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    No the 1st round and the AC are a week apart.

    There is no numerical at the AC. There is a group discussion, a presentation and three interviews. You also have to write a report.
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    hey can you please clarify what the first round compromises sorry for being a bit dumb lol


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