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Best non touch screen phone?

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    I'm currently due for an upgrade and I'm fairly rubbish with phones haha, so just wondering what the best non touch screen phone available at the moment is?
    I'm quite certain I don't want a touch screen because I'm always texting and I don't think my clumsy fingers would do well with the touch screen haha.
    I mainly use it for texting/calling although I'd like it to have a decent camera. I'm not too fussed about a music player seeing as I have an ipod nano anyway. Oh and it looking nice is always a bonus haha.
    Can anyone help?
    Thank you!
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    get a nokia then
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    nokia e71
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    Sony Ericsson C905. 8 Megapixel. No Touch screen rubbish. Easy layout etc. I love it
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    nokia n96 is pretty good
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    samsung soul. (but has got a touch pad...)
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    I love my Sony Ericsson W85i (or something). But it only has a 2mp camera. Yes, I am no help but I just love my phone so much I need to show off about it XD
    (I had a crappy phone for 3 years, am so happy so have a nice one at last!)
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    Any Nokia that you like the look of will do.
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    Thanks everyone, am going to start googling the phones mentioned haha.
    I haven't owned a nokia for years, but my friend has the N96 I think it is, she says it's got some good features but I think it's a bit bulky for my liking. Any other nokia owners reckon they've got a better one? haha.
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    If you wanted a touch screen phone just dont take the protective film off the screen. That's what I've done

    I have an LG KP500
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    (Original post by PhYCo ThInKeR)
    samsung soul. (but has got a touch pad...)
    Ooh I was thinking about this phone actually!
    Do you own one? I was just asking because I've heard some bad things about the sound quality- that it's too quiet to hear when in a busy place. That sounds pretty concerning!
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    ive got the N78 its sexy x
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    If you're clumsy with a touch screen but want a wicked fone, then get the Blackberry Storm.

    My god i love this phone.

    It is touch screen, but also a button, watch some youtube reviews to see what i mean.
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    I love my new sony erricson w890i, it's so slim and sleek and if you're with O2 you get it in a lovely mocha brown colour The camera's 3.2 MP but doesn't have a flash- which might be annoying if you plan on using it alot. Has 2 GB memory included though! http://www.buying-a-mobile-phone.com...cssonw890i.jpg
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    Nokia n85's like a toned down version of the n96, it's pretty good and, of course, much cheaper than the n96.
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    Best non touch screen phone?

    Gotta be a Nokia 3310, Thing of legend...
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    (Original post by jamz0770)
    Best non touch screen phone?

    Gotta be a Nokia 3310, Thing of legend...
    Haha, yes that was a classic, I had one myself, many years ago.
    Looking for something a bit more modern this time around though haha!
    Thanks everyone, still googling....
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    just dont get ericsson
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    Try This website, should make the searching a bit easier :p:, knock urself out
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    Sony Ericsson C902.


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