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Prince Harry in racist shocker...or is it that shocking?

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    (Original post by JoMo1)
    I come from a public school. People say things that in other places would seem horrific. This is not because racism is accepted but because racism is so utterly absent that it's irrelevant. The english people insult the chinese people, they insult us back. There aren't camps set out against each other, we're all 1 year regardless of where everyone came from. If anyone took how the chinese people were referred to out of context then we'd be stoned on racist grounds, but if you are part of the school then there is no problem - the chinese kids will insult us straight back.

    Prince Harry is probably in the same boat. He likely has so few racist tendencies that he can't understand how anything he said could be construed as offensive and I find it unlikely that the officer in question was actually offended by any of this stuff.
    Spot on.
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    (Original post by Howard)
    I'll go along with that.

    Which bit, firing 150,000 from the Army or leaving him alone?
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    I would have thought that is only offensive to be called a Paki when you are not Pakistani. Or of course if the comment comes with a shove or a spit... But really, if a Pakistani called me a Brit, it wouldn't much bother me.

    If Harry's a racist now, it's not the public school that made him one. It's that bloody war he's fighting in.
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    (Original post by DanGrover)
    This piece just cemented my view that Harry is a pretty decent, down to earth, normal guy to be honest.
    You have sense. I'd give you rep if the rep i gave actually made any difference.

    Some people just go out of their way to be offended by stuff like this. It really is sad. Leave the bloke alone.
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    Recruit: "Are your pubes ginger too"?

    Prince Harry: "Er..Yes they are"

    Back on topic, what he said wasn't meant in malace or to cause offence so I don't see why he has been picked on. I think the press are looking for the new Duke of Edinborough.
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    Racism is the most overused word in the British language.
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    (Original post by oo_Lucinda_oo)
    Racism is the most overused word in the British language.
    No, that'd be a four letter one beginning with F!
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    (Original post by samba)
    No, that'd be a four letter one beginning with F!
    Only if you're a Rupert. For some reason the OR's like to put an extra 'a' in it...:p:
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    (Original post by samba)
    No, that'd be a four letter one beginning with F!

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    (Original post by oo_Lucinda_oo)

    Be good, or we'll add an extra letter and start with S!
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    I haven't read all the responses here, but I'm sure racial banter within a lot of public schools is perpetuated not because of mallous but because of the absence of any ill will to any racial group and thus acceptance of jibes at one another without any offence being taken.

    That said, I think this actually has a lot more to do with army culture and banter where unfortunatly, and I do apologise in advance to anyone in or relative to serving personell, in general terms a lot more racial mallous will exist inherently. I've always viewed Prince Harry as a figure who just wants desperatly to be 'one of the lads'. It wouldn't suprise me if he got sucked into such an attitude and poked this apparantly harmless 'attack' upon a friend.
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    (Original post by DanGrover)
    This piece just cemented my view that Harry is a pretty decent, down to earth, normal guy to be honest.
    Yeah, I agree.

    What does one expect from a bunch of young lads living and working together? They all seemed to take the piss out of each other, and there appears to be no malice behind it. If you watch the full clip, some guys are taking the piss out of Harry at the end when he is speaking to his grandmother, asking him to "say hi to the Corgies", and then someone asks him if his pubes are ginger too. I really don't think there was any malice behind his statement, and he would probably say the same to the guy's face, and receive insults back.
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    Ofcourse it isn't schocking:rofl:
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    he's not racist.

    Can you seriously say that you don't have completely unpolitically correct nicknames for your friends?

    A certain group of my friends that I've had for so long that I can't remember how we met do it all the time to each other and if anyone walked past us when we were talking they would think we were all racist homophobic homosexuals .

    I'm straight and white, but I get texts from Rob (who is also straight and white) saying what's up you sexy homo (insert un PC name for an African American here). This statement alone combines at least four inside jokes that we came up with a few years ago and none of them were remotely racist, they're just taken out of context in this sentence. In our friendship group we have a lesbian, three Asians, several black guys and a load more white guys and girls. Seriously he's just being a teenager who doesnt care about how un politically correct what he says sounds.

    All of the controversy comes from adults who forget that teenagers don't care about stereotypes/racism/political correctness and generally mock it in their day to day life by picking out what characteristics their friends have (or pretending they do have some) which would make them abused in previous generations and teasing them about it through nicknames. It's not racist/homophobic etc it's just friends being friends.
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    (Original post by invictus_veritas)
    Aye, but his 'friend' doesn't even here him say it nor does Harry say it loud enough for him to. Therefore he wasn't intended to hear it and is therefore not an inside joke and is taken to be an insult.
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    Did anyone else listen to skynews last night? They mentioned Dodi Fayed and said how he was a Pakistani? WTF??? If I'm not mistaken Dodi is Egyptian.
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    When are the Brits going to kill their Royal Family Russian-style?
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    Seriously, get over it. He's just human. The guy he said it to has no problem with him using that term, he's in the army it's called banter. People seem to think just because his father is prince charles and his gran is the queen that he isn't a human being, he's just some robotic model of perfection? For god's sake get over it, people were the same when he got drunk a few times and had a bit of an off fancy dress costume, if he was just that bloke who lived down the street would you care? No, so shut up!
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    The comment was not meant as an insult, if appearances are to be believed is was not taken as an insult - that should be an end to the matter.

    The lat time I was in Australia I was called a pom - a term which can be an endearment or an insult - should I have been offended (especially since my heritage is not English!)? Should my British friends have been offended on my behalf because it *could* have been meant in an insulting manner?

    There are more important concerns in today's world than a trainee Army officer making an incautious comment...the presence or absence of the person who sold him out to a tabloid rag in the army to start with - they have to be able to trust each other implicitly!
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    (Original post by Prince Rhyus)

    I never went to public school, but time and again people coming out of there seem to hit the headlines due to comments of the utmost stupidity.

    There's our chappie in the Tory Maddie Party shocker - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/news...he-emails.html

    Then there was the Conway brothers being paid to do not a lot from public funds - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk...al-776169.html

    Then there was Emily Parr of Big Brother infamy...

    ...and finally a slave shame shocker north of the border.


    What is it about these institutions that cost a huge amount of money yet seem to produce some very high profile people who hit the headlines either by showing complete contempt for others not like them or who have had a common sense bypass?

    It's not to say "public school bad, state school good", it's more a case of "what are you paying all of that money for when you end up with people who have views/behave like that?

    Should I be shocked and surprised at this or not?

    No, he is an imbecile, in the true sense of the word, who couldn't even get mediocre exam grades without hel. His family is inbred. And they feel they are uuntouchable because they've been brought up to believe that. I'm not surprised, merely happy that this is another nail, small though it is, in the coffin of the British Royal Family. The more stupid things they do, the less they will be tolerated over time, and the quicker we can stop with this ancient arse- licking tradition.

    I doubt he is racist, in the sense that BNP members are. But he is another one who doesn't realise that even casual racist remarks meant as "fun" can be damaging. What makes it even worse is that he is a member of a public family. How stupid can one person be? Yeah yeah, it isn't fair that he's in the public eye so much, he's just trying to be a normal guy, etc etc. Well, for now, he isn't, and there is little he can do about it. For all of you defending him, why not just support putting him out of his misery? Let the Royal Family dissipate


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