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Blonde teacher has brutal sex with 13 year old boy over 300 times

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    I'd snake her clean, I wouldn't need any pressure whatsoever!
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    I want to make an "I'd tap that" joke, but looking at her pics...I wouldn't.
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    She looks scaryyyy
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    (Original post by James)
    Sad story.

    Out of interest is this actually "rape"? I mean obviously he's too young to consent but doesn't the definition require penetration of the victim?
    in britian yes a penis is required for rape! this would merely be sexual conduct with an under 13 yr old

    even as a title statutory rape is incorrect, as it suggests a lack of consent that is comprable to the full blown offensive of rape, in the case of sex with under 16 and under 13 rape is irrelevent, it can be given but still not registered therefore it technically shouldnt be called rape which is why they reformed it here into sexual conduct with a under 13

    (sorry got law exams coming up)
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    There have been cases of men being raped by a group of women - I remember seeing a thread on here about a case in South Africa a couple of years ago. By the sounds of it some men only need physical stimulation to achieve an erection; an erection does not automatically signify consent. The boy was 13; he could have been physically forced if he was small for his age. What's more likely though is that it started off being consensual, with the boy thinking he was so lucky...then the situation became overwhelming and he got trapped into it - forced, but only emotionally. Either way the teacher was horribly unprofessional, bordering on to paedophiliac (though that depends on how developed the boy was), and certainly very manipulative. She deserves a jail sentence.
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    (Original post by Nex Angelus)
    i thought the link to the video was going to be of her doing it, but it wasnt...
    That's why he mentioned blonde.
    Have you seen a "black-haired students gets f*cked **** by her teacher" on youporn.com? Nah, they're always blonde.
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    How was it brutal?
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    pics or it didnt happen
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    Anyone seen the episode of South Park that is like this story.
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    i'd like to know whether the kid was complaining, having sex that regularly, at such a young age.. i know i wouldnt have minded lol.. well, if the teacher was a bit better looking
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    (Original post by rajandkwameali)
    she isn't that bad looking, IMO.

    i bet the thirteen year old is the envy of his mates though lol. How many 13 year olds get a piece of experienced talent? At that age, it's about fingering girls, getting a handjob, or getting a blowjob, not doing it with grown women lol..
    Really,? Tbh it wasn't about anything at all when i was that age.
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    (Original post by the__billy)

    Anyone seen the episode of South Park that is like this story.
    Yes, haha.
    South Park: "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy".

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    (Original post by hippieglitter)
    Really,? Tbh it wasn't about anything at all when i was that age.
    thats because you dont have testicles
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    (Original post by zippy_gerbil)
    I really don't get how many guys are saying an erection means anything is consensual. An erection is a subconscious, purely physical reaction. It's like noticing someone's sweating and saying they must've been running. It might just be, like, y'know - hot.

    Besides, all a 13 year old needs to get an erection is look at a sharpener funny.
    Its an ongoing argument that i believe everyone has had at least once, some people beleive that man getting an erection means consent some don't. The fact that some men find it etrememly easy to get aroused by practically anything to me that it does not mean they want it.
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    Another one to add to 'only in America...'?
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    Fair play to the lad
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    ....nvm, thought you were talking about another lady. there was a really hot looking lady that got charged.
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    (Original post by Ekpyrotic)
    I hate - hate - how people fail to treat this seriously. If it had been a 13-year-old girl raped by a male teacher, or a male teacher raping a 13-year-old boy it wouldn't have been "really funny" would it; why is it so now?
    Any 13 year old boy could fight off a woman. And he could've told someone about it sooner if he really was getting raped.
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    (Original post by Overmars)
    Any 13 year old boy could fight off a woman. And he could've told someone about it sooner if he really was getting raped.
    **** punt! LOL!

    But seriously, its different when its a woman raping a boy. No one really gives a ****. However when a man does it, it's "zOMFG LOCK HIM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY PEDO!" :mad:
Updated: January 13, 2009
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