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GCSE History Sources Paper

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    I have my gcse history soures mock this week
    i am ideally looking for practise papers (from aqa) for solely sources (and mark scheme!)
    i am studying vietnam and nazi germany
    any help or advice?
    what guarenteed you marks if you have already done it?
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    sorry i meant edexcel!!
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    (Original post by jessie437)
    sorry i meant edexcel!!

    You'll need your centre number.
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    (Original post by jessie437)
    I have my gcse history soures mock this week
    i am ideally looking for practise papers (from aqa) for solely sources (and mark scheme!)
    i am studying vietnam and nazi germany
    any help or advice?
    what guarenteed you marks if you have already done it?
    I'm not doing the same exam board but if the source is a cartoon I stick to the format:
    -The message of the cartoon is...
    -From the cartoon I can see ....
    -From my own knowledge I know that...
    (obviously a bit of variation in structure is allowed & as long as you try to include all these you'll be fine)

    One more point to make, this is for any source question, try to comment on the reliability of it and what the source might have been used for (e.g. it might be biased as it could have been used for propaganda....sources do not always give us the whole picture of an event that has taken place).

    Hope this helps, and sorry if it's not really relevant!

    I managed to get an A on my mock & was 3 marks off the A*....I just got to work on remembering the right facts that go with each event...& write faster !
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    Ahh we do this,I study WW1 and Nazi Germany.
    My teacher is brill and writes us out structures for each question which would take me ages but basically

    -Make inferences ie what the source suggests,not what it explicitly says.
    -Use your own knowledge to back up points suggested in the source.
    -When writing about usefulness,use NOP (Nature-what is it,limitations/use of this,Origin-who made it?,Purpose-why was it made?)

    Good luck,did my source paper on Friday,my hand was aching!
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    hi i am also going to be sitting a nazi germany and vietnam source paper and can tell you that there is no real way to prepare for the exam as you dont know what questions youre going to get but following previous advice on structure is probably a good idea.
    i would also advise you to start with the last question in your exam first as this is the question worth the most marks and will probably take you the most time, however you must remember the one mark per miniute rule to avoid running out of time.
    hope this is helpful and good luck!
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    So, the exam is tomorrow! I'm so nervous, guess what intresting topics we do...enclosure and women, eeeeeek! :|

    But just remember, do not just state what is in the source, infer from it, tell the examiner what you can learn from it. Pretend you are a historian and remember your OWN KNOWLEDGE. Put it in anywhere relevant even if it doesn't tell you to, because, it can help back up what you're trying to say from the source.

    I got an A* in my mock, and am predicted so.


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