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PC World Student Discount

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    Admin - Please delete.

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    You never know if you don't ask.

    Oh, and I don't mean on a forum. =p
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    iTouch yes and iPhone no.
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    Don't buy from PC World!
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    Admin - Please delete.

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    How do you get the PC World student discount? I have heard something about having to by a PC from them and the they give you a student discount card. Or can you just go in with your Student ID/NUS Extra Card and get it. How much is it as well?
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    Admin - Please delete.

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    I work in store, and there is a head office instruction not to give student discount, despite the logo still appearing on ucas cards etc.
    Generally its up to the manager though... but you would be lucky to get anything these days, they try and discourage staff discount!!!
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    Admin - Please delete.

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    Wow, Do people just type every question they have about life into the nearest internet forum these days

    I don't know what food I should buy my cat, it likes IAMs but Whiskers is cheaper?

    Any ideas?
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    Admin - Please delete.

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    Asda Tiger cat food is very good value, I find.

    On the PC World note, from what I hear, they don't do student discount anymore. They used to, but I think I remember my sister trying at one point and they said no.

    Bit worried that they're looking at closing a few stores though :s
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    Pretty much every region has a recruitment ban on for the foreseeable future...

    Good luck with getting a job, most places seem to be laying people off rather than hiring!
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    How did this thread become about cat food...:confused: anyway yeah i heard that IAMS is very good!
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    Wait. Is that dog food?
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    IAMs pretends to be good, but it's all cheap grain and fruit - that isn't what a cat needs! Don't be fooled. It's very poor nutritionally.

    A quality cat food should have a type of meat (a specified type of meat, like "chicken" not a mystery "meat") as the first ingredient and the most easily digestible type of grain to be included is rice. They tend to be more expensive than the common crumby foods, but because they contain more quality nutrition and less cheap bulk, the cat will actually eat less of it and overall it will work out to be the same price.
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    Lol, I love how I flipped this thread on it's head with one little comment

    That's how much people actually care about the OP, tut tut
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    Admin - Please delete.



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Updated: January 15, 2009
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