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Swap from St Pancras way to Max Rayne or Ann Stephenson

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    Dear all,

    My friend lives in St pancras way now( unite students) but she thinks the accommodation fee is too expensive. But actually the facilities and environment here is perfect (It is the best accommodation in UCL but it is too expensive for us), the location is near to the king’s cross station, 20 minutes walk from UCL and 7mins walk to Sainsbury, Argos, M&S and etc. Here is very quite, we have a big open-air balcony and two common rooms for party, and most of the residences are native speakers.

    Price of accommodation in St pancras way: 207.9 pounds per week

    To sum up, we want to exchange rooms with students in the accommodation as follows:

    1. Ann Stephenson House
    2. Max Rayne House

    Please contact us:


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Updated: September 30, 2014
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