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When and how did "lol" come into use?

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    Although most people just distribute 'lol' with little concern over its background, I feel this must be addressed. Where, when and how did 'lol' come about?


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    excellent question rep for u
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    Excellent question, I'd like to know, too!
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    I suppose someone American just said something like "I'm so laughing out loud right now!!" and then it got abbreviated gradually... and Lol can also mean lots of love So maybe someone got it wrong!
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    I invented it.
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    Wiki? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LOL
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    Goodness knows. I'd say you'd be a long time trying to find out exactly when and where it started :p:
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    lol at the amount of times u sed lol
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    7. lol 206 up, 119 down love ithate it

    Originally found in Sumerian Tax Logs to define overdue fees (Late on Lamp Oil, some experts believe), this phrase has evolved through time. Shakespeare shunned the abbreviation, finding it impossible to rhyme with. Thoreau punched Jim Bowie in a local tavern for carving it on the table with his special knife, but Lincoln ad-libbed it in the original Gettysburg address during an uncomfortable moment in the Monologue. It meant "Laughing On Line" during the internet craze of the late 20th century, but now has been reduced to a response to the dull person you are texting to out of politeness rather than the one you are actually engaged in a conversation with, if you can call it that.
    Sumerian Tax Log: Entry-2 dribs of Lamp Oil, payment 2days past due- LOL (usually required lopping off of something).
    Shakespeare's feeble attempt; Mehears the lady LOL, mehopes not at mine nether hole.
    Lincoln:Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.(uncomfortable shifting in crowd of living-dead did not shift hopefully)LOL, I meant equal as in, ya know, separate but equal, ya know, LOL, wait till you see my new bathroom signs. (Crowd relaxes) Ok, did I mention there's a new dee-luxe horse and buggy in the lot for y'all who came out today?(big whoop from crowd).
    Justin text:RU still there?
    lauging on-lne internet gettysburg sumerian
    by Pantaloon Jan 3, 2008 share this add comment
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    Probably not long after BRB, when people discovered they could laugh at their internet adventures and decided to create a code for that too. Around the late 90's, or 2000 it started.
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    Lol is a native Dutch word (not an acronym) which, coincidentally, means "fun" - "lollig" means "funny".

    I'm going to be using "lollig" from now on :rofl:
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    It's going to be some sort of game, or forum... maybe even an emoticon that was abbreviated as 'lol', which meant laughing out loud or something. A lot of things are abbreviated though, like 'stfu' or 'rofl', it isn't particularly suprising it came about.

    Of course, 'lol' in Welsh means nonsense... which is fairly accurate :p:
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    My mum still thinks it means lots of love

    And I use lulz for anything properly 'lol' worthy.
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    I don't know, but it's fine to use in texts and on computer... but don't you just hate those people who actually say it in real conversations?... GRRRR x
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    Obviously many people claim to have invented it, heres an example:

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    God made it. Just like He made Adam, Eve, and those fake dinosaur bones buried miles beneath us.
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    Who knows :p:

    I bet whoever did, copyrighted it somehow :p:
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    Oh. And while we're on the subject.

    Where did kklol go? :p:
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    When i first heard the word lol i thought it meant lots of love. I'm a bit dim...
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