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Ironic Ways of Dying

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    (Original post by PeanutButterJellyTime)
    That's sad.
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    (Original post by RyanT)
    A woman in Germany died a few years ago on a building site. She was impaled on an icicle of piss ejected from an aeroplane.
    No freakin way, is that true?!
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    bobby leach died in a quite ironic way. he was a daredevil that went over niagra falls in a barrel and survived. years later he slipped on an orange and died due to injuries sustained
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    Being buried alive.
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    (Original post by TrollHunterGeneral)
    I said ironic or funny....
    No, you said Funny/Ironic.
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    I heard about a woman who woke up at her own funeral, then died of shock.
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    (Original post by Magnanimity)
    No freakin way, is that true?!
    No, its not. However it could have been condensation from a wing tip... in order for piss to escape a plane requires for 3 separate systems to fail simultaneously, see mythbusters for proof
Updated: April 16, 2012
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