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worried about spot on breast (photos)

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    Hi mods please don't delete just because there are photos of a breast I am concerned.

    I have got a small white spot on my breast which is sore when I touch it. There aren't any lumps underneath. I phoned NHS direct earlier and they said it sounded ok (as in not cancer) but they couldn't actually see the spot so weren't sure and i should go to a GP. I have booked in for thursday as i have exams all week and i just dont have time before then. I am pretty sure its not cancer but i just wanted to see if i could find out what it is on the internet but i couldnt find anything other than mums moaning about milky nipples when i searched for 'white spot on breast'.

    does this look familiar to anyone is it just like a regular whitehead?
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    My god!

    Edit: See GP immediately
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    Just looks like an inflamation or spot/zit to me. If you're that unsure, go see a GP. Better safe than sorry
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    It's most probably not cancer, and your breasts are nice.
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    Breast cancer lumps are normally (if not always? I'm not sure) internal, that could be a spot or a boil? Best to ask a GP to be honest, we aren't very qualified - I wouldn't worry though bless you, I very much doubt it is cancer especially at your age The white 'head' suggests it is some sort of spot, does it hurt/feel sore etc? EDIT: Just read you mentioned that, sorry - that definitely sounds like a spot then.

    Go to a doctor to put your mind at rest, but I can almost say with 100% certainty that isn't cancer.

    EDIT: Oh and, now you've had a few answers, delete the pics hun, you can get banned. And you'll attract the unwanted attention of some of the seedier TSR users :p:
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    I give this thread 5 minutes.

    You should not take medical advice from this forum. Nothing urgent will happen before Thursday.
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    I wouldn't be too concerned, OP, but go see your GP.

    And delete those pics immediately - you can get banned for them.
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    (Original post by Haz313)
    Just looks like an inflamation or spot/zit to me. If you're that unsure, go see a GP. Better safe than sorry

    Go and see a GP just for piece of mind, but I've had something similar to that before and it was nothing. It will go away soon enough, it's just a little uncomfortable.
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    Did I miss the boobs?

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    (Original post by Truce)
    Did I miss the boobs?

    same here

    never mind aiii - chin up
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    I Have Something Like That, I Dont Know How It Got There, But The Doctor Said It Was Fine.
    Never Gone Though..
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    i missed it?! damn...
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    Wheres the pICS! lol jks

    go to your GP tbh.
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    I'm just laughing about how this topic has so many views and hardly any replies.
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    Third nipple? Like Lilly Allen?
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    (Original post by Davezk)
    I'm just laughing about how this topic has so many views and hardly any replies.
    Everyone saw 'breast' followed by '(photos)', clicked on the thread, but were disapointed
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    In after norks removal, disappointed
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    Bah 7 hours too late.


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