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300 ucas points??

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    hey all
    what is 300 ucas points equivalent to is it AAA becuase i really want to take the economics/history degree at reading uni. Is anyone doing it byy the way ??
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    A = 120
    B = 100
    C= 80
    D= 60
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    300 is equivalent to BBB I think.
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    so BBB
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    if an A=120 B=100 C=80 and so on, where a=60 b=50 etc...
    then i guess 300 points i a combination of those
    example: BBB=300 or AAa=300 and so on
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    yeah it's definitely BBB
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    ABC just to be different
    or A*CC in my case
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    or AAD or ABC or any combination...
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    AAA at A2 (and if you have an additional A at AS its equivalent to 60 point so potentially that could be as low as CCC at A2 or AA)
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    And plus you can include your AS UCAS Tariff points if you have any AS's you didn't carry over to A2. Each grade is half the points of a full A2 Level.
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    hmm i seee would u guys reccomend reading?
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    Yup, Reading is a decent uni. Which course is this for?
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    (Original post by sharpiiie)
    hey all
    what is 300 ucas points equivalent to is it AAA becuase i really want to take the economics/history degree at reading uni. Is anyone doing it byy the way ??
    BA History and Economics
    You also need History at grade B
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    Basically BBB/ABC/AAC etc.
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    When universities say 300 UCAS points that would be from the whole A-level course, AS and A2 right? I mean what if you already have the grades.


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