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General AEA query

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    Hypothetically, could you take an AEA without having taken an A level in the same subject?
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    yes you can
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    SO ifd for example, your fluent in French, but can't be bothered with the two years of A level, you could take the AEA?
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    I expect so.
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    So are there any easy AEAs that everyone else thinks are hard?
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    Religious Studies. Check out EDEXCEL's website on Advanced Extension Awards. There are specimen papers available and expectations of what you should write. Hope this helps.
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    Nah, looks hard!
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    im doing aea maths and need to do past papers. but the language ones are similar type of qu to a level just harder
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    (Original post by Alcohol5%)
    Nah, looks hard!
    No, it doesn't . As a matter of fact I was looking at the Religious Studies AEA last night. Go to EDEXCEL's website and check it out. It also has a marking criteria or something and things candidates ought to mention in their answers .
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    I did AEA Geography and didn't have to do any extra work. It was very current affairs based and there was alot more emphasis on the human element of geography. The main focus of the paper I did was on evironmental concerns and the Kyoto Agreement.
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    What did you get?
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    I got a merit. I was really happy with that considering that 1) I didn't have to do any additional work, and, 2) On the Sunday before the exam on the Tuesday I ended up in hospital with a really nasty virus and had to go on a drip etc.
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