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Where did you work for work experience whilst at Secondary school?

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    (Original post by Concept)
    My family will be going on holiday I think, but my mum says I should stay at home if I get the chance to work. Im not sure yet, depends if they decide to go somewhere nice or if they go camping in a depressing, wet valley in Wales somewhere lol.
    Im with your mum... if you get a job, sacrifice the fun, as getting a job in the current market ain't an easy thing.
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    (Original post by Snookercraze)
    Im with your mum... if you get a job, sacrifice the fun, as getting a job in the current market ain't an easy thing.
    Oh yeah, well Im with your mum.

    Oh :o:

    Yeah, the guy told me to ring him tommorow so once we've arranged dates, Ill try and find more work for the rest of the holidays.
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    (Original post by Concept)
    Oh yeah, well Im with your mum.

    Oh :o:

    Yeah, the guy told me to ring him tommorow so once we've arranged dates, Ill try and find more work for the rest of the holidays.
    :rofl: Really funny.

    Anyway, good luck mate. Hope you get the work for the summer.

    Thanks for the +rep by the way. Really appreciated.
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    In a school library, the week after book week.... I nearly shot myself.. :nah:
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    In a nursery/pre-school. It was alright, I just got to play with toys all day and sand.
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    a week at a tax firm
    lots of lovely numbers!
    (that week definately put me off being an accountant in such a small firm )
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    (Original post by psychocustard)
    And then a week with my bassoon teacher visiting loads of schools and teaching kids how to play instruments
    I did exactly the same
    Bassoon teacher as well.
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    2 weeks at Claire's Accessories

    My friend spent 2 weeks at London Zoo
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    A week at a small animal vets
    A week on a farm
    A week at a mixed animal vets
    ....and a week with cattle artificial inseminators
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    two weeks at a local computer repair shop
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    First time round - my old primary school. Put me off teaching kids under the age of 11. Little ******.

    Year 12 - a week in an indie mag in Cardiff. Oft. Free Promo CDs from Travis, Feist, and so on, and I out-indie'd the music editor by telling him he should put tickets for an upcoming Wombats gig down as the music quiz's prize that month (it was either them or Winnebago Deal, and I figured everyone knew Winnebago Deal, considering this was like February 2007.) Good times. ^__^
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    A week at Spar. oh joy.
    Had great hours though (i.e very few)
    and got paid at the end :].. £40..
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    I've done work experience at a nursery, on a local weekly magazine, and at a local art gallery. I organized them myself though, my school thought work experience was a completely extra-curricular thing.
  14. Offline

    i worked at portasilo!
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    I did a week at Thomas Cook, which was the most boring week of my life. All I did was watch people at a computer and then occasionally got to stick stamps on envelopes. They eventually sent me home at lunchtime on the last day because they didn't have anything for me to do...
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    Year 10 was in the music department of another local secondary school. Not as much fun as I thought, tbh.. spent some of my days in the art dept instead xD

    Year 12 was at a post-production company that dealt with editing footage in Soho.
    ..And no, not those kinds of footage ==;
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    2 weeks at Burtons menswears...
  18. Offline

    I spent 2 weeks at a Shire Horse Centre. It was really good but pretty tiring. They paid me £90 at the end as well
  19. Offline

    I worked as a legal clerk for 2 weeks, started off in the family law section and shuffled through civil law to insolvency law.

    Was quite a fun job, go to shadow some barristers, meet the judges and sit through client interviews etc though I didn't like that I had to write eviction notices to people from the court, particularly when I realised that some of these people lived down the road from me... :confused:

    Funnily enough I did this placement around 3 years before I ever wanted to study law lol
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    I did a work shadowing thing at a county court. The day I was in there was a guy on trial for child pornography. I wasn't allowed to look at the evidence because I was too young, but my friend's mum, who was the judge at it, apparently had to rifle through it all.

    I wasn't allowed to talk about it at the time, but he's been in prison for a long time now so it's okay.


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Updated: January 17, 2014
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