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Do you click your fingers/other parts of your body?

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    on my right hand the thumb, index and little finger, my back, my knees, on my right foot my big toe and my right shoulder by pulling my arm across my body

    It feels sooo goood
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    I constantly click my fingers, toes, knees, shoulders and neck. It seems as I get older, the more of me starts to click
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    How on earth does one crack their jaw?
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    I cracked my fingers, neck and ankles while reading this thread!! Oh dear! Yeah everyone is always moaning at me for doing it. It's worse when the weather is cold. Can it do you any harm? My Dad is always telling me that it'll give me arthritis...
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    (Original post by 3105)
    I click my jaw, neck, elbows, upper back, shoulders, knees, toes, hands regularly.
    :eek: Someone else that does it too!
    My friends all think I'm strange for clicking my jaw. I do it constantly, about once or twice every 30 seconds. It's probably not good, and my jaw randomly dislocates as well, which is very painful but I've got used to it and figured out how to put it back.

    My thumbs and wrists click all the time, something to do with them being double jointed, it hurts if I don't click them. And my right ankle.
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    neck, spine, jaw, fingers, toes, ankles,knees....err pretty much everything and its a mass clicking session whenever i stretch lol.
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    Fingers/thumbs, wrists, neck, ankles, shoulders. Knees too but not as much.

    Aaargh I can't stop!
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    im gonna read through these in a minute but i click my thumbs fingers and left wrist (random)
    i started cracking my left wrist about a year ago because i had repetive strain injury since i was around 9 or 10 and i felt it would do something therefore felt better when i did it
    quote my diary from 2002 - "i have this feeling in my left wrist where i really want to crack it but i wont crack so now it really really hurts" and continues for the next week saying "my left wrist still hurts"
    little did i know it would become a problem continuing into my late teens :-(

    i can cracked my toes but only when i can be assed

    one more thing- i know this is weird but iv always done it. i can crack my teeth- can anyone else do that????? when i put pressure between the molar teeth on the left hand side i can feel them "go down" (only way to describe it) and makes a little noise. the right hand side can "go down" but makes no noise- and every couple of hours when pressing down on left side theres a big crack. my sister can hear it but i havnt told anyone about it because its just weird?! dont say mention it to your doctor/dentist coz there is nothing i can do about it as iv been doing it for years and years. anyone else do that????
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    Fingers and toes a lot. I hate it but don't even realise I'm doing it.

    Also, sometimes back, ankles, jaw :eyeball: knees and neck.
    Umm that's quite a lot of clicking:rolleyes: lol
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    fingers, neck, back, toes, EARS!

    it's really bad

    my neck's the worst though!

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    My body clicks itself! It's really weird, I'll move my arm suddenly and hear a clicking noise. I hate it, I don't even want to know what it means...
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    (Original post by Coca-Colita)
    Do not want to know. It usually involves strong pain :yep:

    Could be my new party-piece.
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    (Original post by LR_Jones07)
    How on earth does one crack their jaw?
    Mine always cracks when I open it. Dunno...
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    i have an obsession with clicking my finfers, ive now found i can click the same one twice, so i now get in around 15 clicks at a time, and do this about 6 or 7 times a day, it just relieves the pain and stress
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    Nope, I never have.
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    I'm always clicking my thumbs and wrists. Now I see I'm not the only one...
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    i used to have just one finger that would clck but then i kinda forced the others to and find that i do it more when at work or nervous or just thinking about it. reading this made me do it as well lol ahh
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    Seeing this thread title gives me the urge to crack my finger/thumbs..... not cool
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    (Original post by Heartbroken9)
    I am addicted to clicking my fingers and this addiction is spiralling out of control:eek:

    First I used to do it a few times a week, then a few times a day and now I find that every 5 minutes I have to push my fingers back to relieve the tension.

    My hands feel really numb and weak but I can't stop but as of this point I am going to really try.

    I also have to keep stretching my right shoulder till it clicks to make it feel better. Argh!

    Do any of you guys have this problem?

    I click my back/shoulder blade on the right side but that's about it and only accidentally usually. When I'm in pain with it, I click it more as it's a relief for a few minutes though what I find is that it actually makes it worse and leads to a bad cycle, much like the one you're in. Stop doing it and the need will eventually ease.


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