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Nelson Thornes AQA AS Chemistry - Answers exam question

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    Does anyone know where to get the answers to the exam style questions for the AQA AS Chemistry new textbook by Nelson Thornes.

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    On the Website
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    This is past papers not nelson thornes textbook

    Thanks for trying
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    all the summary questions have answers, and the same for the biology book

    but no answers for exam questions!?!?!? thats awful
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    Thats what I mean
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    It's so frustrating! I can't stand spending an hour doing the questions and then not having the answers.
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    it tells you which paper the question is from though underneath in the physics book it does anyway so pop onto this website and look at the markscheme for that question
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    Is there an equivalent website for the A2 textbook this year?
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    I also found best site for AS chem bio and maths is

    need the A2 eqiv but cant seem to find it... anyone have any info?

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    Hi ,
    I went on but nothing appears on the screen i would like the answers for unit 2 please. I have tried the aqaanswers website several times however it does not seem to work. if anyone has any other sites or could send me the answers for unit 2 chemistry AS i would be very grateful.
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    i went on the aqanaswers website but nothing appears on the screen for some reason. Does anybody have the answers for unit 2 chemistry AS. Thank you
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    Ask your teacher for them, they are given the answers separately when they buy the books.
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    Hi, I've only just seen this thread because i was searching for the A2 answers myself. I saved all the AS ESQ answers from aqaanswers when it was working though if anyone needs them?
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    Oooo any chance you could send those to me please
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    On the way
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    Thanks a lot, they worked fine.

    My chemistry teacher thanks you as well :P
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    (Original post by jamhands)
    On the way
    Send them here as well? I've got the A2 answers if you need them.


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Updated: May 29, 2014
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