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English WJEC Past Papers- Literature

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    anyone know where i can find some past papers on wjec english lit. Its the one about of mice and men and inspector calls.

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    wow i remember doing these papers(2 years ago), loved em.(i found the york notes etc, quite usefull, hang on ill find the links)
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    (Original post by zxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjk)
    anyone know where i can find some past papers on wjec english lit. Its the one about of mice and men and inspector calls.

    hey mate here they are: these are a few tell me if you need more!
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    EDIT: Don.k beat me to it
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    ThanX a lot
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    aww I did this last year, good luck for it!
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    As of February the 1st, WJEC have uploaded past papers for free in their online shop.
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    I remember of mice and men really well. If you ever need any help, feel free to PM me, OP.
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    Hey I would like help with Of mice and men! I only klnow the story and suck at character descriptions and stuff... can u help
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    I have had a look at that link but theres no past questions for 'Of Mice And Men'. If anybody knows where I can find any past questions for Of Mice and Men, I'd appreciate it!

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    go for spec A think thats of mice and men in there


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