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100 Ways To Revise

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    im on a mission to make a list of 100 ways to revise so far im at 30 plz help with every possible idea !!
    1.Exam timetable
    2.revision timetable
    1.highlight spec points in notes
    2.convet into mind map
    4.organised notes
    5.revision guides and textbooks
    7.post it notes
    1.in textbooks
    2.in notes
    8.revision cards
    10.writing questions
    12.past papers
    1.do them
    2.mark throughly
    3.perfect answer mind map
    4.other exam borads
    5.textbook qquestion
    13.recording notes
    14.mimd maps
    1.do from memory on white borads
    2.by hand
    3.on computer
    4.smaller and smaller
    5.perfect answer map
    15.rewirting notes
    16.condensing info smaller and smaller
    18.practice on white borads
    19.revision with friends
    20.go to the librey
    21.pictures and diagrams
    22.use every resource
    2.other peoples notes
    4.mags in librey
    2.take notes
    4.geography at the movies
    1.word games
    28.add to notes from ...
    2.revision guides
    3.others notes
    29.discuss topics
    1.student room
    30.Typing up notes
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    When I revise I like to record myself singing my notes and then I just listen to it on repeat for hours.
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    1. Visual linking
    2. Profit
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    Do it the way that suits you, it'll work better
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    good luck trying to do more than 10 of those things for each subject / module...

    I just pace around my room clutching the sylalbus until I am confident that I know it all. Then EVERY past paper there is available. It works for me...
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    Around 80 of those are just crap.
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    Just sitting there, staring into space, thinking about the stuff.
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    -revision cards
    -post it notes around frequently visited plces in the house
    -recording notes and listening to it on the bus etc
    -testing your friends and getting them to test you
    -past papers
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    Through the medium of dance :woo:
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    Listen to music you haven't heard before, your brain creates more connections between neurons when you do something new. This sounds bizarre but it works, got me through Unit 4 Chemistry by listening to System of a Down, which I hadn't listened to before.
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    Good luck. You seem to be planning to nothing but revise from now until the exams. Exciting times.
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    How about: Just do the revision instead of making lists on how to do it?! :confused:
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    1) Review notes
    2) set a study schedule
    3) get help on things you don't know
    4) make mind maps
    5) type out all your notes again
    6) past papers
    7) practise doing questions
    8) record yourself saying your notes and listening to them
    9) write your notes own in post-it notes and place them everywhere
    10) memorise your notes into a tune
    11) cope out the textbook
    12) keep writing it until perfect
    13) keep reading your notes
    14) recite your notes in front of the mirror
    15) practise doing questions under exam conditions
    16) attend all extra lessons for your exams
    17) put your notes into revision cards
    18) set yourself mini tests
    19) get your friends to test you
    20) read around your subjects
    21) get involved in discussions about the subjects you're revising
    22) look, cover, write, check
    23) always keep a book of notes with you to review them on the bus etc
    24) concentrate on things you don't know

    that's as far as I can go lol
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    55) podcast it
    56) if its psychology law etc - research original articles
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    Chant facts aloud like a maniac.
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    my sure fired way
    copy notes into your own words from a text book or other and TYPE IT UP so you have all notes then nearer to the exam you go through the notes and break them down into 2-4 pages for quick note revision!! always worked for me
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    100. Get off of TSR and stop procastinating, then actually revise instead of making threads about revising.
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    for me it's:
    1. post it notes
    2. post it notes
    3. post it notes
    4. post it notes
    and so on and so forth until:
    99. stuff written on pieces of paper (post it note shortage)
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    100 refer to

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    teach it to someone else- thats the best way in my opinion, although, i am kiiiinda biased seeing as i want to be a teacher....


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