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Would you say a girl who's around 5ft7 a size 14 and 36E is "chubby" "fat" are "ok"?

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    Would you say a girl who's around 5ft7 a size 14 and 36E is "chubby" "fat" are "ok"?
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    abit chubby but not too bad
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    A little bit chubby... big boobs.
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    oopz tht was meant to say "or not "are"
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    No, I'd say she's hot.
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    About average I'd say
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    I would give an opinion but not sure what most of those measurements mean. How about a picture?
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    i want that girls number

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    Similar dimensions to myself.
    Thus I'd say a tad on the wobbly side, but overall it could be a lot worse! Pics will be the best way for people to judge - people carry weight in different ways. I've got a very very hourglass figure with a rather flat tummy, but some people who are same height, size, boobs etc look like right lardarses, whereas others look like beanpoles!
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    It would completely depend on their body shape - it sounds like they'd be curvy in a nice way though. (As in actually curvy, not "nice way of saying fat" curvy!)
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    Bit chubby. But still ok
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    Did you say "36E"?!

    I think we need pictures.
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    (Original post by muttsnuts)
    Did you say "36E"?!

    I think we need pictures.
    Calm yourself lad, that's nothing huge or entirely abnormal. My poor friend has 28G's. Imagine carrying those badboys around
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    I'm the same, except a bit shorter (5ft6).
    On me I'd say it's a little chubby, but I guess it depends on the person
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    Wow, all those sizes are exactly the same as mine. I wouldn't call myself fat, and this post is ridiculous, does it really matter what sizes she is?
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    When I was the same as your description I thought I looked really big, now I'm a 16 I look even worse, although I seem to put on weight mainly on my top half so it's not exactly spread proportionally. Looking back I was way too hung up on it though, and I didn't look half as big as I thought at the time.
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    I've noticed this H&R is filled with girls talking about the size of their chesticles as of late.

    Anyway to the answer of the OP, big boobs will distract any unwanted attention elsewhere.
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    It's fine. You're beautiful in whatever size...:hugs:
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    I would say she looks fine. Curvy in fact (proper curvy, not a euphemism for fat).


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Updated: March 2, 2010
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