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Graph of Electromagnet!

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    Hello Im doing a GCSE courseworks of electromagnets and my graph is weight against Number of turns for the coil im sure you all knwo what i mean! well can anyone explain to me the graph cause i dont get it why its like that

    Thanks for your time

    From John Wood

    I really hate it when people do this. "I'm sure you all know what I mean". The fact is we DON'T know what you mean. In order to know what you mean we need to know what the experimental setup is (unless we have come across it before - ie its a standard experiment) which from the lack of replies it prolly isn't. I am guessing that you have a mass which reacts either paramagnetically or ferromagnetically to an electromagnet on top of a force meter (read top pan ballence). Then an electro magnet is used to attract the mass to reduce its "weight" whilst u change the number of windings. I am guessing.
    I also do not really have much of a clue what your graph looks like. What I do know is that as the number of turns increases the weight change increases (possibly linearly upto a point). There will be a change somewhere what the increase in weight change becomes less as the feromagnetic material begins to saturate (the domains line up). If you also did the graph going downwards in number of coils you should also see some hysteresis as ferromagnetic materials tend to stay lined up a wee bit after the magnetic field is removed...

    Eletromagnetic force is equal to the change of weight when doing the experiment.
    So Applying the formula:
    F = NBIL
    The graph must be the straight line through the original point.
    Because it have y= mx
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