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Navy aptitude test

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    Hi all,

    I’ve got my naval aptitude test in a month time at my local AFCO office for the officer selection process.

    Has anyone done it?

    What’s the criteria?

    Does anyone know the scores you need to get for Warfare officer?

    Thanks in advance,


    Its just a basic recruit test, basic arithmetic, English language etc. If you can't pass it you don't stand a hope of passing AIB. But seriously, its stupidly easy.

    You should have been sent a practice booklet, go through that and any sections you find hard practice using the web or books etc. I cant remember the scores you need but dont worry about that just turn up and do the best you can in the time allowed, afterwards you will be told how you did and if you dont pass im sure the AFCO staff will help you work out what you need to do to pass it next time.

    Good Luck

    Yeah - look through the practice booklet, the real questions are very very similar to those in the book. Good Luck all the same. The AFCO told me that for officer they tend to look more at the English and Maths more!
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    excellent thanks guys

    Dont listen to these guys .. the test is actually hard. I just did it and failed.

    theres going to be screwed up words that most people wont know the meaning to. there is going to be 3 sections.

    1 - defining the word, the opposition of the word, and similarity
    2 - patterns, mainly easy shapes that u can guess the next pattern. But you will have isometrics. If a shape is folded or unfolded, how will it look? These are screwed up shapes and I had a hard time trying to figure out what is on top etc.
    3 - math, there is a lot of sequences. As in what is multiplied that what or divided or added or subtracted to get the next number. Personally I hate those b/c my mind does not work like that. There will be division of decimals with whole numbers, percentages, and basic reasoning.

    1st section is 5 mins
    2nd section is 10 mins
    3rd section is 30 mins

    Personally I HATE PUZZLES. figuring out patterns, seeing what is different from one thing to the next is not my thing. I can solve math problems with ease but the puzzles and sequences just killed me.

    Go to this site

    Do the tests and it will help you prepare. But keep in mind that time is very limited. You must be able to answer every question without doubt to be a good job.

    Do you mean the psychometric test? It's very difficult if you haven't practiced similar tests. They'll test you on your range of speech, numeracy and logic. Some people will of course find it easy because there are people like that, but the majority of people who haven't encountered something similar before shall struggle.

    I have to agree with endlessness! The test is hard! Just took it and didnt make the cut (failed maths). It is harder that the test booklet that you recieve upon booking your test so make sure you go online and look at some sample questions. The tests are timed so any working out is made very hard for you. Im am 26 years old and have been out of education for sometime. Working out a maths question (algebra for example) in under 1 minute is the expected standard! Someone like me doesnt stand a chance! Im not trying to put you off. You may find it a doodle! But just be prepared to use your brain and quickly. Good luck.

    By jove! Another thread necrophilliac!

    I recently passed for the Marines....now the test I took is the same test, but apparently if you are going for Navy Officer you have to score signifcatly higher in the Maths and English sections than a Naval rating or Marine. Im not sure of the actual score, try the 'Rum Ration' forums they will have the answers your looking for.

    (Original post by endlessness)
    Dont listen to these guys .. the test is actually hard. I just did it and failed.
    i agree, i just failed it too for the officer, but i passed for rating. i want to become an officer however, so i'm either retaking it in 12 months or 6 months with proof of further learning..


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