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Student Loans, 2nd Year. Do I need to re-apply?

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    Just spotted a thread about loans being open. Totally forgot but do I need to re-apply for September to get my loans?

    If so do I have to re-fill out that form? Or is there a quick way to re-apply if circumstances havn't changed?
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    Yep you have to reapply. You can do this online but the form is a lot shorter You will need your ART ID as well though.
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    Where online did you go to reapply for your loan?? Or am I too late to reapply??
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    Hi! you can apply through the directgov site. All the details are on a thread somewhere, but i can't find the proper link, sorry!

    They will have most of your details already on file, it really wont take you very long at all. I had been dreading it, incase i messed it all up, but it's alot more straight forward for your 2nd year!

    From what i have read, there is quite a back-log, so the sooner you apply the better really. Sorry i couldn't give you the link! Maybe you could have a look in the 'applying for student finance' in this forum? It is around there!


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