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Do GCSE count for anything in the UCAS points?

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    If there do what point are they worth?
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    No they dont count for ucas points. But they have weight on your ucas form. And also many univeristies have their own scoring tariff where they are taken into account.
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    The UCAS poits are used for AS/A-levels and key skills.
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    (Original post by trev)
    The UCAS poits are used for AS/A-levels and key skills.
    and nationals I think.
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    No, they don't count in terms of UCAS points, but they will be taken into consideration along with AS grades, predicted A2 grades, personal statement, reference, extra-curricular activities and possibly an interview.
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    They're sometimes used as a means of differentiating between candidates predicted straight A's at A-level, so they do carry some weight.
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    Lana, this site about ucas tariff is useful in the future: http://www.ucas.com/higher/tariff/calc/calculator.html
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    (Original post by Lana)
    and nationals I think.
    Nope. It's only AS/A-levels, AVCEs, Scottish qualifications, key skills, and CACHE.
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    it says that btec are counted towards your points... i did a btec with my gcses does that count still? or would i have had to have done it with my alevels
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