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why is sodium hydroxide unsuitable for use as an indigestion cure?

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    I done all of the questions on my chem homework but i really dont know the answer to this one, please help!

    thankyou in advance
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    Far too basic - would cause a very exothermic reaction in your stomach - need something much more mild
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    thankyou! I seems like the most simple question on the sheet but i just didnt have a clue
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    cause of indigestion is too much stomach acid. pH of NaOH is around 13, making it a strong base completely neutralising the stomach which should be around 2 - 3. As Eiervanstan said
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    The main point for the mark is that it would be a highly exothermic reaction, cause internal bodily damage and is therefore unsuitable. This is due to the reason that it is to strong an alkali for stomach conditions.
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    You'd also have a nasty burning sensation in your mouth and throat
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    sodium hydroxide is a strong enough base to denaturise (break the amide and ester links) your proteins including those in your skin (throat, mouth etc)

    I knew a lad who lost all of the skin off his feet because he paddled in strong NaOH solution (leaking from some pipe cleaning sacks) in the cellar of a bar while he was working there.. (months in hospital and skin grafts included)
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    (Original post by cpchem)
    You'd also have a nasty burning sensation in your mouth and throat
    Concentration dependant :tongue:


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