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Naked pic of my sister going round college :S

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    My younger sister is 15 (still at high school) and sent a guy that's in my year at college a naked picture of herself
    It's now going round the whole college and loads of guys have seen it and have it on their phones and before I was known as the "shy boffin girl" but now I'm known as "the pornstars sister"

    I'm really embarrassed for her doing something so stupid and dumb but I don't know whether to tell our parents or not, do you think I should or is it normal for girls to send nude pics of themselves now?
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    tell her that everyone is going on about it and it's NOT a good idea! plus, c'est child porn!
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    tell police, guy who emailed it will get done for distribution make it anonymous.
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    ok, don't tell your parents, she is still young, just explain to her what she did was soooo stupid ! And pray your parents don't find out. And make sure she doesn't do it again.
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    just ignore it.
    they'll get bored and it'll disappear soon.

    my boyfriend thought it was a brilliant idea to send a naked photo of himself to girls in his school when he moved over here from the states (this is before he was with me) and it all soon died down.
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    Any guy that circulated a naked picture of my underage sister round school would be picking up his teeth with a broken arm, whether she'd given it to him or not. Make sure she knows whats going on. Whether or not to tell your parents I dont know.
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    Tell the police, that guy will get done
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    I wouldn't suggest telling her outright that all the guys at college have it either
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    Its illegal! But its best to keep quiet about it, its your sisters problem anyway
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    Talk to your sister and make sure she has learnt her lesson. Schools like things like this but it will die down as soon as the next thing happens so I wouldn't worry about it too much unless things get worse.

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    Well I bet she's learned a lesson now eh..
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    it's a bit of a problem because shes a bit young

    You need to have a talk with her about it.
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    I wouldn't tell your parents. She will be just so embarrassed (more than she already is), and she'll probably hate you for doing it. Let her tell them if she wants. I bet this will all die down pretty soon, that sort of thing usually does.
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    Lol, well your sister is indeed an idiot, and I hope the worst happens to her. Seriously, degrading herself like that? She doesn't deserve any favors. Tell your parents.
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    (Original post by Double Agent)
    Any guy that circulated a naked picture of my underage sister round school would be picking up his teeth with a broken arm, whether she'd given it to him or not. Make sure she knows whats going on. Whether or not to tell your parents I dont know.
    And what if she wasn't underage?
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    Why the hell would you be thinking about telling your parents?! Your poor sister - don't do that she'd be mortified! Does she know that everyone has seen it?
    I don't think you should tell her off for what she did either or take the moral highground and get all self-righteous about it. She's paying the price now, don't make it worse. She's probably quite upset about this (if she knows that it's being circulated). This is your chance to be the cool older brother and be supportive, not act like a cock and make her feel worse.

    It is child porn (technically). If I were you I'd let the guy know that every copy has to be deleted and nobody else will ever see it again - otherwise you're going to the police and getting him charge with distributing child pornography. There's no need to actually go to the police, but it might make it stop.
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    Exact same thing happened in my school. The girl is underaged so it's classed a paedophilia. The police were called in to address the whole school. The guy who received the text (i.e. that distributed it) was arrested, and the girl has now left the school. Also, anyone that received the text had their phones removed from them and (i think) quite a few had their computers at home checked aswell.
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    Thats illigal. The guy who distributed it could be done for child pornography AFAIK.
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    Is your sister really that naive?
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    (Original post by Vampyrcorn)
    It is child porn (technically).
    lol - Why technically? It IS.


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