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Laptop making the connect/disconnect noise. Driving me mental.

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    All morning my laptop keeps making the usb connect/disconnect noise every so often. You know the "duh-dum....duh-duh" (my very best description). Its driving me mental, I just want to listen to my music in peace. xD

    Theres nothing plugged in the USB ports, i havent used the USB ports for a few days in fact. Is there any quick fixes to this problem?

    *using basic vista on a Dell 1525 (the worst laptop in the world officially)*

    EDIT: Right, ive disabled the sounds in question in the sound settings, but is there a way to just fix it alltogether (hardware)
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    It might, rather counter-intuitively, be connecting/disconnecting something internal, such as Wifi or Bluetooth. A bodge fix would simply be to disable the sound effect in Sound properties (it's listed as Device Connect/Device Disconnect), it sounds mostly like a Windows bug.
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    Is Windows all up to date?
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    Could be a loose connection, my screen (dell laptop also) makes the noise when i close the screen, so that might be what it is.
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    my laptop does it when i move it, it's because of the bad quality webcam inside. I thought disabling the driver would work... now it moans even more


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