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"anal pain" when you're on your period?

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    keep this anon for obvious reasons.

    everytime im on my period the pain is so bad, it spreads all around the lower part of my body, like from my stomach downwards to my womb and then around my pelvis/back side. it literally hurts so much so i was wondering if the 'anal pain' is normal? is there something wrong with me? do other girls suffer from this too? it happens without fail everytime im on!

    mature replies please and don;t spam!
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    See a doctor?
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    I'm sorry.

    Your best bet would be to see a doctor.
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    (Original post by Aack)
    See a doctor?
    lol i havent been to see my gp for almost 3 years now, actually i think it must be longer than that, but i always manage to cope with the pain somehow cos it lasts for like 2 days.
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    Is it especially bad when you're sat on a hard chair or.. ahem, having a bowel movement? I get the same thing, it's the most painful thing in the world, and makes me HATE being female.

    I've not found any way of helping it, perhaps all of us with 'anal pain' (haha, the phrase made me laugh) ought to see a doctor?
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    I think it's not uncommon for menstruation to affect other aspects such as your digestive system in some ways, which could explain the pain not just being centred on your womb area. It's worth seeing a doctor though, if only for them to clarify that everything's in order or to give you something to help the pain. Hope it gets better soon
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    I get this occasionally. Usually a couple of paracetamol helps.
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    Sounds painful. i think you needa GP just ot be sure.
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    Anal Pain was a song idea that I had... came from a time after a particularly bad case of piles. Prolonged sitting isn't good.
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    (Original post by Fjarskafinn)
    Is it especially bad when you're sat on a hard chair or.. ahem, having a bowel movement? I get the same thing, it's the most painful thing in the world, and makes me HATE being female.

    I've not found any way of helping it, perhaps all of us with 'anal pain' (haha, the phrase made me laugh) ought to see a doctor?
    thanks for the post, atleats now i know that im not alone!

    yeah it usually happens if im sitting down, but most of the time its when im standing still like washing dishes at the sink or something ive always assumed that its normal and 'comes in the package' with all the other period pain symptoms???
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    I get a sort of horrible muscular ache/pain from my stomach right down to my upper thighs, and I always feel like I need to... ahem... 'go'. It happens every time, and I just tend to put up with it for the week. Painkillers don't seem to help much.
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    There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I occassionally get a pain like this or a sharp searing pain as well. I think it's just part of the unfortunate "package" and you probably have nothing to worry about.

    If this has been going on since you started your period then I wouldn't be worried but you should see a GP for good measure even if you haven't seen one in three months.

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    I used to get pains all around the abdominal area, round my back and then down to my bum. Went on the pill (not for that reason though) and now they're not so bad, usually don't get much pain at all.
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    completely normal

    co-codamol will take the pains away. Or try naproxen (feminax ultra) apparently theyr brilliant
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    I don't personally get this but it sounds kinda normal.

    If it's really bad then I'll have pain from my stomach to my thighs and round to my back - which is uncomfortable beyond words. But only usually when I've been on the pill for a bit too long it seems.. It's just so tempting to skip them!
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    How long have you had your period for?
    I used to get really ill (not this, more throwing up, fever, muscle spasms, upset tummy ill) but it eased off after about a year and a half after I started my period.

    I doubt this will be for the rest of your life- should settle down with time as your hormones settle.

    Otherwise, go on the pill?
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    Haha, yeah, I get arse pain.
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    I tell you what, I had this problem and going on the pill sorted it all out x


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