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Prefect application letter...please check

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    Hello, i have to write a letter to become a team leader or prefect for my school. Please can you check over it and give me any helpful tips..

    thanks :cool:

    I have represented the school many times during my five years here . I have helped, at Open Days and Evenings showing potential students around the school in a friendly and informative manner. The hockey tour to Holland in 2005 was a fantastic experience and I am pleased to say I was one of around fifty girls that were able to go. It was an excellent team bonding experience full of adventure activities and attractions. We were allowed to explore the centre of Amsterdam by ourselves and the independence given was based on trust and respect from the P.E staff. This was furthermore emphasised when I went on the Amnesty trip to the Headquarters in London, where we represented the school during the tour and activities, and afterwards when we went sightseeing.

    There are many other ways in which I have been part of a team. I have participated in a number of sporting activities and represented the school in Netball and Hockey, which I still play now. I attend regular training sessions and have played in both small and large squads. This has given me more confidence when voicing my opinions within a team.

    Furthermore, I have completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and I am in the process of finishing my Silver Award too. This was a very challenging experience that tested my communication, organisational and social skills. I learnt many new expedition skills as well as basic survival skills. The most important aspect I learnt was the need to know how to bring out the stronger qualities and talents of people within the groups so that the workload and knowledge can be spread out. Different people in life have been through various experiences and training, or have different backgrounds and interests. This means they can relate to certain situations and respond in diverse ways. For the Silver Award, I completed this out of school through a small youth group; with people that I had never met before. This tested my social skills, as I communicated with them in order to achieve our goal of a successful expedition.

    Communication is a very important part of becoming a team leader. I have been volunteering at an After School Club for just over two years. This has been an invaluable experience. I initially started this as part of my Duke of Edinburgh award but found it so rewarding I decided to carry on. I feel I effectively communicate with the children who are able to discuss personal and school related problems with me. I interact with the children, aging from five to 11 years of age, on a regular basis. I lead various activities for the children from creating mother’s Day cards to Christmas discos. I also have the responsibility of typing up the monthly newsletters written by the After School Club Coordinator.

    A team leader needs to be “able to lead and direct people” as well as having the overall qualities of a prefect. I am currently the Sixth Form Council Representative for my form and I was the Year 11 house captain last year. These two roles have enabled me to have a closer insight into the running of the school. I am amazed as to how much effort and commitment is needed to organise an event and see that it succeeds in its aims. I organised the Amnesty Christmas and Greeting cards campaign in December. To encourage people to attend, I gave presentations to year seven, eight and nine assemblies. I have also spoken to audiences varying from a class to whole school. I have created and participated in many class, year, and whole school assemblies during my time here.

    Bit long ...sorry :tongue:
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    Wow, I have nothing to critque, you look like the perfect candidate to me. o.o Good luck!
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    I hope so...thank you!
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    Perfect application, I'm trying to write one but it follows a specific criteria would you be able to help me? Thankyou


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