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He's a virgin - I'm experienced..how do I handle it?

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    Anon. because friends and he might use this.

    I've recently started a relationship with a really nice guy. He's sweet, nice and I like him. However, from day one I assumed he would have slept with at least a couple of girls because he's good looking, has a hot body and has had a couple of long term relationships.
    Anyway, I brought it up today saying jokingly 'ha you're not a virgin are you?" and he admitted to being an 18 year old virgin.
    This in itself wouldn't be such a big thing, but I've slept with 5 guys already, and I'm in the year below him, and I'm worried he'll find that offputting
    Also, because I'm quite experienced, I'm also used to experienced guys and I'm worried it won't be a great experience
    I really don't want to sound shallow but I've had sex with a virgin before and it was awful, I feel bad for taking his V plates, and I don't want to feel guilty if I do it again.

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    all a guy needs to do is pump in and out....wow big deal
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    Ride him like seabiscuit.
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    If you like him that much, get over it. Help him become experienced.
    You were once inexperienced too don't forget.
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    Talk to him about it and ask him how he wants to take things, you should be concentating on how he feels rather than whether it's a good experience or not for you.
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    just make sure you're both ready for sex in the relationship, and don't feel guilty I'm sure he'll be happy losing it with you, just make sure he's at ease and make sure he know's it's not a big deal (like him being a virgin and you not being), you never know it might be great
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    if he isnt very good. just teach him, and you'll make him into your perfect sexual partner
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    Teach him everything you know in the best weekend of his life.
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    What exactly are you asking for help with? If you've done it before, you know how to handle the situation.
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    Leave the guy alone you should be ashamed of yourself let him ave a virgin
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    Teach him?

    If you like him, why are you being so shallow just because he is a virgin? Everyone was at some point, even you were - there's a first time for everything, you just had yours obviously at an earlier stage than he did.

    Give him some help on the ropes...
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    oh yea, your a proffessional..slept with a whole 5 guys. It is sickenly easy for any girl to get sex in this day and age, regardless of what she looks like. It remains alot harder for guys as girls are always expecting them to make the first move. The reason why your good looking boyfriend hasnt had lots of sex is that he hasnt made the first move.

    Also remember, you were a virgin once, so erm be considerate.
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    Practice makes perfect, get too it!
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    I don't know why everybody is being so aggressive in their replies!
    If my post came across as just being concerned about my pleasure then I'm sorry, because what I was trying to get across was being worried about him being overwhelmed. I'm not undermining him for being a virgin, I'm just thinking about how not to make it a scary/bad experience, because the first time is quite scary.
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    my boyf was a virgin too...it happens, just make sure you're both ready and talk about it thoroughly before hand
    and take it slow when the night comes around, be gentle
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    Shag him senseless for a few weeks to get his experience up.
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    Yeahh it's pretty much obvious from what everyone here has said.. If you're in a relationship, you must care about his feelings so even if the experience isn't great, make him feel good about himself.. Sex is a lottttt about confidence.. More confidence to try stuff, he will become a lot more experienced.. Be patient and it will pay off.

    My GF had several partners. I'd had none. She taught me everything she knew. We now have lots of fun. No regrets at all. She's basically made me into her perfect partner.
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    (Original post by ocelotrevs)
    Just be normal and have patience. Don't jump out the bed if he climaxes early. That will destroy his confidence.
    This ^ :yep:
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    Dont say the word "already?"
    Man that hurts...


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