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"Written" or "wrote"?

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    I'm generally pretty good with my grammar etc but I've never really got the hang of when to use these words. Funny how you can come through 13 years of British education and not actually be told/corrected on it once... I remember getting to Year 3 and finding out I'd been spelling 'was' as 'woz' the whole time and was absolutely raging the teachers had never pointed me in the right direction!

    So yeah, when do you use 'written' and when do you use 'wrote'?

    While we're at it, effect/affect? It's not just as simple as noun/verb is it?
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    'Written' is the past participle: the book was written. 'Wrote' is just the past tense: I wrote the book.

    And affect is the verb; effect the noun except in the obscurer usage of effect which means to "cause to come into being".
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    It was written that I wrote a book.
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    I have written, he has written etc. You use written with have/has (or another auxiliary like was).

    I wrote, he wrote etc.
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    "wrote" = perfect past tense, ie:
    I wrote...
    You wrote
    He/She/It wrote
    We wrote
    They wrote

    "written" used to form pluperfect (ie step in time before perfect past) -
    I had written
    You "
    He/she/it "
    We "
    They "

    or in the phrase
    It was written...
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    ooh, just got that thing where you look at a word and it just looks so much like it's been spelt wrongly with "written" ... hate that!


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Updated: March 24, 2009
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