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What can you hold, but not touch?

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    I was asked this question the other day, and I've heard several different answers to this question, I just wanna see what you guys can come up with!
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    a grudge?
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    onto your sanity
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    a viewpoint
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    id say grudge also
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    A conversation
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    Someone's attention.
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    A meeting, gathering, convention etc.
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    A tune?
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    Oooh, some cracking answers here!

    I came up with a pose.
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    Your breath!
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    A memory.
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    A Party
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    your dignity?

    Does that even make sense? :\
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    English is such an awkward language. All these bloody idioms, I feel sorry for English learners.
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    A position in government.
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    (Original post by tazarooni89)
    A meeting, gathering, convention etc.
    I think you could touch a gathering - if you were feeling daring
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    A quiz, a competition, an orgy, any type of event really.
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    a speech


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