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Is it wrong for a 28 year old to be with a 16 year old?

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    Madonna(50) is currently dating a 22 year old. No one says there's anything wrong with that.
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    yes!!!! its wrong!!!!!
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    If you're 28 no.
    If you're 16 yes.
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    I think it is odd personally.
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    (Original post by pink_lucie)
    Please think of this very important question ok?

    Why is she not with someone her own age?

    Think of it hard and good and then you realise there is something not quite right with her.
    There's plenty of possabilities.
    She fell in love with somebody through the internet first. Although granted that just makes her sound sad.

    She's got low self esteem.

    She believes that love trascends all problems.
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    (Original post by BJP)
    Is it wrong for a 28 year old to be with a 16 year old? Not by definition, no.

    A 28 year old woman dating a 16 year old boy in a different state. She claims they are in love and are soulmates. Cool cool.

    And they've been dating almost 2 years but they waited to meet until he was of legal age of consent (that's what she says anyway). Hmmmm..in love & soulmates without meeting?!

    What age would you say the boy has to be before he can make such a decision? I think he is old enough, although naivety may be present. And the fact they didn't meet for two years makes me suspicious about the whole love thing!
    Yeah I'd agree with you. It reminds me of an idealistic love story more than anything.
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    (Original post by meercatman)
    I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that really.

    I guess it party depends upon how mature the guy is, but he's in his mid teens and she's nearly thirty...
    your signature is ******* mint
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    Noo, that's wrong.
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    It's not wrong, but it would be very unusual if the woman was 28 and the guy was 16. If the guy was the older party, it might be a bit more acceptable.
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    Yeas. I think this is wrong.
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    That's abit iffy for me. If he was in his twenties then it would probably be ok, but he's still a kid and wouldn't be -in my eyes- mature enough to handle a relationship with such a big age gap. I mean seriously? She almost frickin 30 and he's just about to leave secondary eduction. Hell no.

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